Thursday, 4 October 2007

Worms attack

I found out the hard way of not making an effort to learn about computer since I started using PC more than 20 years ago. All I know is to switch on and used the PC for filing my news reports, surf the internet and switching it off. Other than that, I sought assistance from others.

Two days ago, as I was surfing, a dialog box appeared on my screen, among others, it warned that `your computer is copying automatically files in your system...' but I did not take a heed of it.When it continuously appeared, I decided to be clever by following some of the instructions flashing on the screen.

Out came a dialog box telling my that more than 300 files in my computer were infected by worms/virus. It seems that the worms/virus originated from a network with nice looking files. It disguises as a file that indicated a Spyware was a video of beautiful actress which I had clicked on earlier.

These caused by computer to crash and I was `out of action' for the whole of Tuesday evening and yesterday. Last night I sought the assistance a friend to do the necessary. Still I do not understand computer. When she said `I will have to re-format your computer', I just said `Yes'. Yes, my PC now back to normal but everything I stored for the last two years were gone, gone forever.

It was identifed that the virus that attack my computer was I-Worm/VB.IN.

It is time for me to learn `what is a computer'


jaxon s said...

me too, i need to learn. what i do now to protect my computer is to make sure the anti-virus software is up-to-date and to immediately renew its subscription once it expires.

i also transfer all important files, expecially photos, onto cds. but need to scan them for virus first before the transfer.


big bro,
oh my
sorry to hear u losing 2yrs of doc

but life goes on
am sure u hv those in ur memory
now for the future

Puteri Ezza said...

Hi, Mr. Joseph Bingkasan!

I found your blog when I sibuk-sibuk searching for one of Sabah's Assemblyman.

Saya kenal dengan Mr. Joseph. I always saw and heard about your name everywhere.
I was a journalist too. I was working with Dr. Jeffry Kitingan (Berita Sabah) for about three years, before I went to one of national TV station.

Saya happy jumpa blog ini :-)

barambang said...

Aki.. upss.. err Bro,

Itu foto tahun 75 sangat charming ooo. Saya ter-deja vu sama zaman disko.

JBingkasan said...

jaxon s, ab,

I had learned a lesson, never to take everything for granted. only a minute ago my sister-in-law asked for a copy of a document which was one of those lost, eaten by the worms.


welcome to my little world, comel.


zaman muda muda tu, sekarang sudah jadi gaman tapi disko juga plus jago karaoke

barambang said...

Karaoke yaa, mesti lagu Bee Gees, Boney M, Carpenter dll la tu kan..

JBingkasan said...

barambang, green grass of home, hidup di bui, how can i tell her, janji tarang bulan, stoney, sumua tu boleh, mike tak lepas

Ruben Sario said...

gotta keep your guard up constantly when you're surfing the net. there's alot of nasty things out there.

akimomogun said...

this is life tompinai, sometimes the spirit say no the flesh telling mau mau mau and the problem timbul. well i learned it the hard way if they are visible and i see them in kiukad, i will baling them with sukang and lampun.