Monday, 29 October 2007

Not what PBS expected

Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) is now saying that the power-sharing concept of the National Coalition or Barisan Nasional Government was not exactly what they had hoped for in the coalition.

PBS Youth leader Jahid Jahim voiced this point in his policy speech at the Wanita (Women) and Pemuda (Youth) annual delegate conference at the Hongkod Koisaan in Penampang today.

PBS is one of the BN's component party members.

Jahid, who is Youth and Sports Assistant Minister, did not elaborate but said the issue will be discussed the debate session tomorrow.

Jahid also said that previous leaders, when they signed the formation of the Federation of Malaysia 44 years ago, envisioned a prosperous and developed nation where the citizens live peacefully without having to face problems such as now.

He cited the problems, amongst others, illegal immigrants, IMM13 and fake identity cards.

Jahid also expressed the PBS Youth's anger with the recent inhuman burning of houses and farms owned by the people that were carried out by certain entity with excuse of upholding the sovereignty of the law. He said they are also unhappy with the way some land applications by the people are being treated compared to those made by giant companies.

"PBS Youth is worried that illegal immigrants, IMM13 holders and fake IC holders are moving freely in Sabah," he said.

The two days' congress was opened by the party president Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan. The main PBS Congress will be held on Nov 11.

My Say:

Now we are hearing PBS voicing this issues. What did they do when PBS was the State Government and Pairin was the Chief Minister.

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