Friday, 5 October 2007

General elections Nov 25?

Election talks surfaced since the beginning of the year. Political parties had activated their respective elections machinery. Some political parties had announced their candidates. In Sabah opposition Pasok and Parti Bersekutu had made it known that they will be fielding candidates in all the 60 State seats and 25 parliamentary constituencies.

And a friend of mine in Kuala Lumpur sent a SMS to me this afternoon that `Transparent ballot boxes packed into containers at Port Klang to reach East Malaysia by Oct 22, 2007. Parliament probably dissolve on Nov 9, 2007 and the General Elections probably on Nov 25, 2007'.

My Say:

And I have the feeling election is just around the corner. Together we wait and see.


jaxon s said...

it's going to be an interesting election. it's seems for sabah, all the who's who in politics are with the ruling coalition, except for one dr jeff.

JBingkasan said...

looking forward to jaxon s home in sabah fro the election. you won't want to miss casting your vote. winning with just one vote is also a victory.