Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Poor poor local vendors

Local authorities enforcement officers are harassing local poor farmers trading their agricultural produce in urban areas. They are chased away, what they are selling were seized and damaged in tussle to protect them from being taken away.

They are selling are the products of their months of hard work back in the rural villages which majority of them are only accessible only by jungle tracks.

One man who noticed the poor farmers plight is Sabah Bumiputera Livestock Breeders and Farmers Association president Gaibin Ransoi. He had seen poor farmers' produce being unnecessary confiscated and trodden by enforcement personnel.

He wanted these enforcement personnel to strive to eliminate the problem of foreigners illegal hawkers, cigarette vendors who are common sight in all the major town in Sabah.

Ransoi said it was a common sight in most towns in Sabah that the rural farmers hawking their goods on five-foot ways, not because they wanted too but all places at the market had been taken or allocated to outsiders.

My Say:

What Ransoi saia was true.One need not go far, just go to Inanam town, within the City of Kota Kinabalu. The daily market place (and they have a full-fledged market in every 10 days)managed by Inanam Traditional (Tamu) Market Committee whose main function is to assist traditional farmers in providing them with space or lots to sell their produce.

What is happening is just the opposite, almost all the strategic lots are always occupied by hawkers whose nationality were questioned. Illegal immigrants youths running around selling smuggled fags.

A place meant for traditional local farmers has become a haven for illegal immigrants now.

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