Wednesday, 31 October 2007

PBRS in trouble?

With the general elections being talk about taking place November, something big a problem is brewing in Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS), a component party member of the ruling Barisan Nasional.

Talk is that PBRS president ex-Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, who is also Sook Assemblyman, is not in good term with the party's Secretary General and Pensiangan Member of Parliament Datuk Bernard Maraat.

A PBRS insider said it is an open secret that Kurup and Maraat `do not see eye to eye' for sometimes now.

The reason being Kurup is said to not renominate/recommend Maraat to defend Pensiangan and will instead himself contest the seat. Kurup, in dropping Maraat as a candidate in the coming election, is said to nominate Vice President Datuk Elron Alfred Angin to contest Sook.

Kurup defeated Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan for the Sook seat with a 395 votes majority in the 2004's election while Maraat secured a 608 votes majority to take the Pensiangan seat, defeating Martin Tommy.

Kurup had accepted Tommy into PBRS' stable in a ceremony on July 14, in which Marat was not present/invited.

My Say:

I can not help but say that Kurup is looking for a sure win seat in the coming election. What if Dr Jeffrey take on Kurup again?

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