Saturday, 27 October 2007

Like father like son - The Kodings

Vitos, a son of former Sabah Deputy Chief Minister, the late Datuk Mark Koding, will be contesting the Ranau parliamentary constituency in the coming general elections. He made this known during an AidilFitri open house hosted by opposition party PASOK in Tanjung Aru today.

He is the party's Information Chief.

Mark won the seat, defeating then Federal Works Minister Tan Sri Ghani Gilong in the late 1970s. Mark contested as an Independent but was backed by Parti Berjaya (now defunct). The constituency was then known as Kinabalu as Ranau is at the foot of Mt Kinabalu. In 1985, Mark contested and won the Ranau State seat for Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) and was made a Deputy Chief Minister.

Although relatively unknown, Vitos said he is all geared for the elections and is confident to win the seat.

My Say:

As I had mentioned in my older posting, PASOK is facing leadership problems that it has two presidents and two sets of supreme council members. PASOK also have two party headquarters. Well, good luck to the young Koding. In politics nothing is impossible

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