Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Fish fry only....

When talks of an impending court case of which it was said officers from the State Welfare Services Department are to be charged with corruption, it was anticipated that someone high up in that State Department's being hauled up to the Kota Kinabalu Sessions Court Tuesday.

But it was an anti-climax, to a big turned out of journalists from the print and electronic media. Came 2pm, five people were seen making their way to the court which at first was not even `looked at' by the media corp. But the five were those being charged before two Sessions Court judges.

The offences: Falsifying documents by certifying the payments of cash welfare assistance to recipients who had long passed away. Two of the accused were staff of the Treasury Department, Penampang while the other three were attached to the State Welfare Services Department, Tuaran.

My say:

The five are just `fish fry', the biggest fish and followers are still `swimming' happily in the ocean looking for more opportunities. It was learnt that investigations are going on against those higher up in the department.

ACA should also look into the case of goods bought and supplied to the State Welfare Services Department's Welfare Home in Kimanis, Paper.

An example of questionable dealing - six units of cutting knives which cost RM120 in the market was supplied to the Home at RM3,000. Some people here had made RM2,880 profit. Is this not corruption, robbing the government in daylight?


Puteri Ezza said...

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JBingkasan said...

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