Saturday, 6 October 2007

RM20 knife charged for RM120

Somewhere in the Auditor General Reports dated June 28, 2007 reported that a ministry bought a set of four screwdrivers for RM224 compared to the market price of just RM32.

These AG's report also touched on Sabah's case of the State Welfare Services Department paying cash assistance to people who had passed away long time ago.

Though not in the AG's report, digging deep into this department will also revealed that it had purchased a set of four knives at a contracted price of RM120 each which amounted to RM3,000 for the four units.

Amazing, the market price for this knives is RM20 each which mean that the department was overcharged or overcharged itself of/for RM2,880. The four knives should have cost RM120 only.

My Say:

Just the tip of the iceberg.

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