Monday, 22 October 2007

Calling all SASS ex-students

Sabah Adventist Secondary School, Tamparuli established in 1939 is facing the prospect of being closed down due to financial problems. One of the oldest missions school in Sabah, it is totally dependent on external funding.

The school, which commands a good view of Mount Kinabalu, is one of the two managed by the Sabah Adventist (SDA) Mission, the other being Goshen Adventist Secondary School in Kota Marudu.

The financial problem SASS is facing is due to rising maintenance costs, dwindling enrollment of students and unpaid schools fees.

Its principal Minson Gulungan said students would move to other schools after passing their Form Three and Form Five examinations.

To ease the financial burden of the school and to ensure its continued survival, the school management's had launched a special fund. Called Danasiswa SASS, it was launched by ex-student Datuk Johnston Bangkuai who is also president of the Sabah Journalist Association.

The school, founded by an Indonesian, Pastor D P Siagian, has produced many students who have now become successful professionals, businessmen and politicians.

With the launching of Danasiswa SASS, it is hope that former students who are well off in the chosen career will generously contribute to the fund.

My Say:

It will ha a shame if the school,located just across the Tuaran River from Tamparuli township, is closed down after valiant efforts from every quarters to keep it going.

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Frisco Daniel said...

Fund has always been a problem for this school eversince the government school begin to upgrade their schools with ICT.

The president of the Sabah Adventist Mission has devised plans to help SASS regain its losses... Pray that it will succeed...