Monday, 1 October 2007

Lekima lashing

Saturday night was supposed to be party time at my neighbour's house, a party to celebrate his second grandson (I still do not have one)but I never made it to the Aramai Tii. From my house I could hear their music from which I assume that the party was great. I was tempted to join but all of a sudden a `blackout', the whole of Inanam was dark, power supply was cut off. I aborted my plan to join the party and went to sleep. About 2am the power was restored but it was raining heavily plus strong wind.

Sunday morning, I went down to Inanam town, along the way, there were trees up rooted. Now I know the why the `blackout', a truck had crashed to a transformer in avoiding a tree falling.

The heavy rain and strong wind was actually everywhere. Houses had its roofs blown away.

These were all because of the tail effect of tropical storm Lekima. The Meteorological Services Department reported that the strong winds were associated with Lekima that is now somewhere between the Philippines and Vietnam. It is expected to in that position until tonight. The department had issued Category One strong winds from the southwesterly direction blowing between 40 and 50km per hour and at sea waves of between two and tree metres high.

My Say:

Now I know a reason why Sabah is known as Land Below the Wind. In the event of tropical storm or typhoon from the Philippines, Sabah will only be hit by its tails. If the tails effect felled trees, dismantled and toppled high telcos billboards and blew away roofs, it beyond imagination how the heads strike.

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