Monday, 8 October 2007

Kionsom Waterfall

One of the seven natural pool and below the second and third of the seven waterfalls

In several of my older postings (and I will continue on to mention this) I had mentioned Kionsom Waterfall. Yesterday (Sunday - Oct 7th), I was there again as of previous Sundays (almost every Sundays if I am in Kota Kinabalu) since 2002. Yesterday I came early (8.30am) and there were just two couples inside. I took the opportunity to take photographs of one of the seven natural pools and the second and third waterfalls, counting from downstream.

I was unable to take photographs of the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh waterfalls as it would take about two hours (of my time at the speed of walking) to do so. The highest of them all is the seventh waterfall which is about a-four-storey building high, about 30 minuted from the entry point.

I endeavour to reach that seventh point in time to come and post that scenic fall. My last visit and reached the seventh waterfalls was in 1972 which I was just at Standard Six.

Kionsom Waterfall is special as it is within the Kota Kinabalu City, just about 15 miles (24 kilometres) from the City centre and 10 kilometres from Inanam Town. Those without transport, can take one from the regular mini-bus services at Inanam.

Outside the waterfall are several hawkers, in which one of it is my usual station to meet friends on Sundays and Public Holidays. One has to pay RM1 only for adult and 50 cent for children per entry. The air is cool and the water crystal clear. The first, second and third waterfall are less then five minutes away from the entry point, inside a virgin tropical jungle.



Big bro,
Kionsom waterfall is our heritage
our golden goose
hope it will enhance our economy and stay as a wonder of nature

hv always wanted to go there every weekend but somehow resisted the temptation bcoz of 10-3 ka ka ka

jaxon s said...

a nice place indeed, to relax, to rest and to enjoy the soothing crystal clear water.

and after that, to a refreshing 10-3 water :)

JBingkasan said...

yes, the 10 3 water ciiiiiisssssss