Monday, 1 October 2007

Two chickens feeds a family

My two chickens and their eggs this morning

My Say:

In March this year, I bought four chicks from the Inanam once in ten days traditional market. Two of them turnout to be Tandaha (roosters) and the other two Golupo.

While the roosters ended in our wok, the Golupo, without fail now give us (a family of three,sometimes five) two eggs a day. Since then we have regular supply of eggs from our own backyard. Not that eggs cost that much, but we feel great in having two chickens feeding us two eggs a day. We do not consume the eggs everyday and always have at least six eggs on `stand by' everyday of the week.

I am planning to by four more chicks next week and will make sure this time that all of them will be Golupo.

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Bro bro,
lucky u.
regular supply of eggs
wish i could also rear a chick or two, or at least a pet or two...a cat or dog may be
but Putrajaya is such that no pet allowed
so i have to be contended with an aquarium filled with catfish, gold fish, karuk among others
happy hunting for golupo