Wednesday, 16 July 2008

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Issued by SAPP headquaters

Kota Kinabalu: The people in Sabah should examine the real motivation behind BN the component parties from Sabah who are frantically calling for the ouster of SAPP from the coalition.

SAPP is of the view that these parties, including PBS and LDP, could not wait for SAPP to be ousted so that they will have the government positions to be vacated by SAPP representatives to dish out to their leaders.

SAPP insists that its intention to move a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister was not an isolated move to gain notoriety, but in cognizance with its struggle for the rights of Malaysians in Sabah.

That the Prime Minister has been ineffective and paying only lip-service to Sabah's interests is known by and acknowledged by all Malaysians, particularly those parties in Sabah.

BN leaders, including those from Umno, LDP and PBS, have at one time or another gone on record calling on the PM to act more expediently on Sabah issues, including those related to illegal immigrants, regional development imbalances and poverty eradication.

SAPP expects leaders from Sabah who have been appointed to positions in the Federal government not to lose sight of their obligations to the Sabah electorate who make their positions possible.

It is disappointing to the Sabah people that leaders like Dr Maximus Ongkili and Datuk V K Liew have become `federalised' or `domesticated' that they have become apologists for Kuala Lumpur. So eager are they willing to please that a learned and supposedly cultured person like Dr Maximus went on record to describe a component party as a member of the canine species.

SAPP doubts if PBS and LDP still hold to their commitment to fight for Sabah rights and Sabahan interests.

If indeed they still do, they should find commonality with SAPP's move which are aimed at resolving long standing and grave issues. They would have second thoughts about calling for SAPP's blood. Instead, they should acknowledge the fact that (as utterd by PBS Information Chief Johnny Mositun) the parties are pursuing the same objectives through different paths.

SAPP concludes that PBS and LDP's intensity in wanting SAPP sacked from BN, or calling for SAPP to quit the coalition, is a simple act of self preservation.

Dr Chong Eng Liong's case.

PBS supreme council member and a fervent campaigner of the illegal immigrant issue, Dr Chong En Liong, resigned from the party recently because he was told by the PBS leadership to stop talking.

PBS elected representatives and other leaders have been consipcuously quiet in recent weeks. One is inclined to conclude that a gag order has been slapped on them even on issues of Sabah rights.

Is this not a reflection of the PBS wavering on its commitment ? Is it not a clear indication of self preservation?

Increased allocation? where is it?

SAPP would like to alert the people in Sabah to the fact that the recent promises to inject massive development funds into Sabah may just be attempts to pull wool over their eyes in this climate in which a government is rapidly losing the people's trust.

For example, what has become of the RM1 billion promised by the Prime Minister several months ago? Is there any truth that the money has mostly been disbursed through the various Umno divisions in a move to pacify these grassroot leaders and to prevent a revolt in view of the Umno elections this December?

The Minister of Education recently announed RM700 million for education projects in Sabah. This seems a little hard to comprehend in light of recent newspaper reports about children in Kemabong risking their lives to go to school by crossing a river on bamboo rafts! Four consecutive state administrations, including this current one, have failed to give these children the convenience of a suspension bridge costing pershaps just tens of thousands of ringgit; and here we have a promise to inject millions into rural schools.


Anonymous said...

Join PR ja lahhh. BN concept is no longer palateable for today's rakyat. We want people unity at rakyat level. NOT Racist Parties promoted by BN. BN keeps reminding us of May13 so they can keep us at bay, while harvesting the loot as much as they can on the context of some supremacy...

Anonymous said... the Rising Sun...all ye Sabahans rise from thy slumber!
...for these present days...the gloomy horizon over Malaya would be ours for history to remember!

The only Great One has opened the door for us to enter...........
Enter it courageously...enter it patriotically ,,tho afront there is danger! remain silent of a great wrongdoing equates the greatest blunder!
...Kinabalu of us...forever and EVER!

And I speak so the language of "Thunder"....

Sunduvan Taki-Aki,
Nulu Nabahu.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan Rakyat atau Barisan Nasional kedua-duanya dipimpin Melayu. Tiada perubahan cuma pengaruh kepimpinan sahaja yang berubah.

Mungkin juga akan diperkenalkan apa yang dikatakan Agenda Ekonomi Baru yang berkemungkinan akan mengantikan Dasar Ekonomi Baru sekiranya Pakatan Rakyat berjaya PRU13.

Mungkin juga Najib kekal PM ke-6 tetapi hanya untuk 1 atau 2 penggal. Mungkin juga pertarungan antara Nurul Izzah Anwar dan Khairy Jamaluddin bakal menyaksikan PM termuda bakal terhasil.

Semuanya perihal mungkin hanya kita merancang tetapi Tuhan Maha Menentukan.

Malaysia adalah Multiracial.

Pakatan Rakyat [PKR,DAP,PAS]
Barisan Nasional [UMNO,MCA,MIC]

^_~! parti apa BEST? Bagaimana dengan hak Sabah/Sarawak kelak?

Anonymous said...

BN Sudah terbukti tidak memelihara hak orang Sabah selama 55 tahun. Orang2 UMNO setiap kali berkejaran ka KL bubut projek. Boleh dapat tapai potong 5%-10% untuk orang KL. Yang ada tulang-tulang untuk kitorang.
Pilehan alternatif, PKR. Kalau bukti PKR juga main blakang, kita boleh bargain pileh autonomy dalam Malaysia.
BN bilang ada 700 juta untuk projek skolah diSabah. Kita minta senarai skolah ini dan siapa kontrekternya. Brapa pula harganya. Banyak tong tai yang kamu akan jumpa.