Friday, 4 July 2008

Man gives birth to a girl

Pregnant man has baby girl
US Editor

Published HERE Today - July 4th, 2008

PREGNANT man Thomas Beatie has given birth to a healthy baby girl.
The tot had been due to be delivered yesterday by Caesarean section.
But bearded transsexual Thomas went into labour early and had to be rushed to hospital.
Last night Thomas, 34, and wife Nancy were pictured leaving the clinic with the baby girl he calls his “little miracle”.
The tot was delivered in secret on Sunday in a special section of the hospital away from the other mums.
Callers phoning the maternity ward were sternly told there was no Thomas or Nancy Beatie.
A hospital source said: “Thomas gave birth without any problems at all, but amid tight security.
“The baby girl is healthy and mother — or father — and baby have been allowed to leave the hospital.”
The new family were discharged yesterday from the St Charles Medical Center in Bend, Oregon.
Thomas — who was born female but became a man in his 20s — is now hoping to strike a £500,000 deal for the exclusive first pictures of his baby.
He has also had a documentary team following him during the last months of his pregnancy.
Thomas caused outrage worldwide when he announced he was pregnant — and proved it by releasing a photo showing his belly.
The real-life Mr Mum was born Tracy Lagondino and lived in Hawaii.
He fell in love with Nancy and had a sex change because Hawaiian law bars same-sex marriages.
Thomas took testosterone pills, had his breasts removed and then legally became a man.
But he kept his ovaries and womb because Nancy, who has two grown-up children, had undergone a hysterectomy 20 years ago.
When they decided to try for a baby, Thomas stopped his testosterone treatment so that he could start ovulating again.
A year later he fell pregnant with twins using donor sperm, but lost them after developing life-threatening complications.
He then became pregnant again using a special syringe from a vet who helped out r doctors and baby clinics turned them away.
Just weeks ago, Thomas told of his joy ahead of the new arrival. He said: “We’re so excited. I just cannot wait to hold her in my arms and be a father.”
But despite the controversy he said his pregnancy felt natural.
Thomas said: “It’s been excellent. I feel fantastic. I’ve been so lucky.
“I can’t believe she’s inside me. She’s our little miracle. I’m just looking forward to holding her for the first time, to finally get to touch her and see her face.
“It was a dream that Nancy and I’ve had for a long time, to start a family together.”
And Thomas said the pregnancy had gone so well, the couple were looking forward to MORE children.
He explained: “It’s in our thoughts. We’ll see what the experience is like with our daughter’s arrival first and then give it some more thought.
“We’re deeply in love. I’m stable and confident being the man I am. Having this baby doesn’t make me less of a man.”


Anonymous said...

...imagine if there were no such thing as Caesarean delivery! A MAN and his " little naughty bird" shall be torn apart trying to give birth to a baby! A horrendously tormenting experience..KOYAKKKKK ...when the tiny gap at the end tip of a man's hood is to be used for labour besides its natural function to secrete urine and the ""white life-giving juice!""..........

...unmitigated pain.....

Gunung Kinabalu.

Anonymous said... is this of any interest to the Sabahan people though?