Sunday, 9 November 2008

Lucky four

Four youngsters traveling in the car (pixs above) escaped with just minor injuries. The youth behind the wheel, said to have no driving license, failed to control the vehicle while negotiating a bend at high speed Saturday afternoon.

The happened just a stone throw from the popular Kionsom Waterfall at Ulu Kionsom, Inanam. It was lucky that there was no oncoming vehicle when the accident happened. That section of the road was going down hill.

A teacher who witnessed the incident said the four youths crawrled out of the car and were sent to hospital by an ambulance who arrived shortly after being called by the police.


John Gandhi said...


Err... I think you should blot-out the car's plate number as to protect the owner's identity.

Just a thought... thanks! :)

JBingkasan said...

Thanks Sir John Ghandi. The pix ad been removed as to protect the owner's identity.

Anonymous said...

Just too late to blot it's already published in the local daily today.