Saturday, 29 November 2008

Justice Chin: They don't like me

I reproduced here a Daily Express' story Nov 29th, 2008..
By Jo Ann Mool

KOTA KINABALU, Friday (Nov 28, 2008): High Court Judge Datuk Ian H C Chin, 61, who is retiring on Dec 1 with full pension, said retiring early was already in his mind since last year as he no longer enjoyed working as a judge.

“Suffice for me to say that all too often I found myself in circumstances where I had to make a stand which may be regard as a defiance of a directive or instruction from my superior which was very stressful for me,” he said in a statement Friday.

Chin said being assigned to hear an election petition which resulted in such furor it added to his unhappiness to continue working as a judge and that made him fixed the date for his early retirement.

Instead of speaking to the Press, Chin personally distributed copies of his statement to court reporters at 10.30am as he was being ushered to his private car by High Court Deputy Registrar Zaini Fishir (pix above).

“I have just said good-bye to the staff, officers of the court and my colleague as I will be retiring on Dec 1, 2008 and I feel that a Press statement is called for regarding my early retirement which can also be properly be described as a resignation,” he said.

“They (superior) caused me to search for alternative employment and I found something overseas which I was really interested but unfortunately that employment on short-term contract calls for interview and taking up that position before August 2008 meant forgoing a full pension since then I would have not served 15 years as a judge,” he said.

Chin also said that at that time the law had not been amended yet to regard service as a Judicial Commissioner to be service of a Judge.

He further said that he was of the view that he was giving up too much for the overseas job and so forgo that opportunity.

“I planned and was approved two months leave from September to November 2008 for the purpose of looking for available alternative if I should retire after Aug 2008, that is, after I have acquired the right to retire and a full pension,” he said.

“Then I was assigned to the election case which resulted in such furor that it added to my unhappiness to continue working as a judge. That made me fixed the date for my early retirement. Thus I reapplied and was approved the additional days leave for the purpose of my early retirement on Dec 1, 2008,” he added.

Chin said he dispatched his letter of resignation to the Yang Dipertuan Agong (on July 16, 2008) before he went on leave (on Aug 21, 2008).

Meanwhile, Chin said he was entitled to a full pension as he had served a full 15 years as Judge, starting off as a Judicial Commissioner on March 1, 1992 and was elevated to a High Court Judge in August 1993.

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