Monday, 25 February 2008

Oh GDL comes again

Nomination for the general elections was yesterday and I was just making my round to `smell' interesting stories to post here when `GDL comes again' which downed me the whole of yesterday and still is now.

GDL in the common expression by the people here when one is struck by gout. GDL is Gout Datang Lagi which mean gout comes again.

Of course not the first time, this friend of mine (gout) had been visitng me almost once in every two months but this time around is the worst. It settled and attacked by right knee.

I was in hospital all day, blood specimen taken and result in a week time. I was given pills and hopefully will be able to bend my leg during my three days sick leave.

And I am not alone, my brother Albert Bingkasan, also a blogger, is also down with chickenpox and had been `out of action' for the last one week.

My Say:

What a time for GDL to come visiting?

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Mercedez said...

Gout is quite common among adults in Malaysia. It is caused by a variety of factors which I am sure your doctor would have informed you. I had gout 20 years ago when I was busy working in the Sabah rural areas as marketing research officer. It hit me when I was just preparing to start on a month long work into the interiors of Ranau/Telupid. Oh, it was so painful it brought tears to my eyes. I could not walk unaided, I had to limp to my car so I could go to the clinic. The doctor gave me a jab to relieve the swelling on my toes on my right foot. I had to wear slippers that day. Being an office worker, I never wore slippers when I ventured outside my house. The pain went away after 40 minutes or so. Then I was given some tablets for diuretics – so that I could pass urine more frequently. Meanwhile, I was informed not to partake the following food items – alcohol, seafood (esp prawns, squids, lobster, stingray, oysters, etc), red meat and high protein meals. It was hard because I just had a party the night before at the local hotel eating butter garlic prawns. That was the culprit that triggered off my gout. What happened to you? Did you consume high protein food/meal recently? I decided I better improve my diet and lifestyle being sedentary and always sitting in the office. I started a life of sports, walking, eating more fruits, vegetables than meat, reduce alcohol and caffeine, less sugar, less salt and less seafood and more fish into my diet and everyday living. Ever since that episode, I have been gout free and more involved in life with my outdoor lifestyle. How about you? After you have recovered from this episode, could you spare to have 30 minutes for brisk walking or go to exercise in the park? Then when you are confident, try to participate in regular sports - badminton or soccer or just brisk walking around the taman. Also please review your eating habits, too.