Monday, 4 February 2008

He made me a Pastor

The letter I am republishing below was sent to one of my e-mail. I am not a Pastor.

Dear Pastor,

I believe this mail will meet you in good condition of health, if so glory be to god. My name is Ibrahim Frank D., I was that contractor whose business was collapsing. And you prayed for me for the past one year, with the prayer points and tracks you have been sending to me through my email.

Now I have made a breakthrough in my business, I have been awarded a contract to supply Lap-Top Computers to members of Nigerian house of representative and house of senate respectively to the tune of $12M Usd.

Pastor, because of your counselling and prayer points I made this breakthrough, I am whole heartedly offering to you and your ministry a token of $1.2 Usd to keep on working for the lord.

Just contact my bankers with the under mentioned particulars and receive the cheque.
1. Full name/Residential and official addresses
2. Country of origin
3. Phone/Fax Numbers
4. Name of bank/account number/address and brief autobiography of self.

The Bank is African Development Bank. Person to contact, Mr. Eric Oba the protocol officer. Email:

The moment they receive this informations the money will be wired to your designated account any where in the world. I am presently in a business trip in china. You are free to contact me through same email address. Attach this mail to the particulars you are forwarding to the bank. Pastor, you saved me from comitting suicide thats why I made this bontiful offering.

Best Regards,
Mr. Ibrahim Frank D.

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