Wednesday, 27 February 2008

My little achievement

My Say:

After been reading postings from bloggers, I started my own blog in June 2007. Several months later, I found out that I can actually keep track of the numbers of visitors to my blog so Installed the counter starting with 000000.

Early this morning, when I opened my blog, I saw the counter registering 10,000th visitors. This to me is a little achievement to myself as there are people out there, friends and those who do not know me, actually dropping in to read my humble postings.

To all of your, thank you very much indeed. This will only encourage me to keep going, posting issues that are of interest, not only to the people in Sabah and Sarawak but worldwide.

Once again thank you very much indeed for the supports.


jaxon s said...

congrats jb,
i may not always leave a trail in the form of comments, but i do drop by your blog and you bro's kionsom blog at least once every very 24 hour..

JBingkasan said...


thank you very much indeed. i, too, do visit both your blogs. kounsikou