Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Inanam seat in danger

Barisan Nasional may lost the Inanam State seat if the words of businessman Johnny Chong can be used as the yardstick to determine which way will the multi-racial voters swing comes March 8 polls.

Inanam seat is won by Johnny Goh for the second term in the March 21, 2004 general elections and it is almost likely that PBS president Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan had renominated him to defend the seat.

Chong, a son of Inanam Town former Kapitan China, said majority of the voters wanted a new leader to replace Goh contest in the election. He said the people's choice is Kota Kinabalu District Chief William Majimbun.

Chong said should PBS opted to ignore the voice of the people, Pairin should not blame the Inanam voters if Goh lost and the seat goes to the opposition. The voters had also petitioned Pairin to nominate Majimbun as the candidate for Inanam.

He said such a case did happened in Kuala Penyu in the 2004 elections when BN's Datuk Wences Angang of UPKO lost to Independent Datuk John Ghani.

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