Thursday, 19 June 2008

Who to table the motion?

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President Datuk Yong Teck Lee yesterday said the party's Members of Parliament Datuk Eric Majimbun (Sepanggar) and Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui (Tawau) will support vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Monday.

Talks then was that Majimbun, who is SAPP's Deputy President, will table the motion. But as for now there had been no confirmation.

I successfully contacted Majimbun by SMS yesterday where he replied that SAPP was not quitting Barisan Nasional. This afternoon I sent SMS to him again whether he would be tabling the motion on Monday. His reply: "Sorry, I'm in Paris, back to Kuala Lumpur on June 22. TQ"

I came to know that yesterday Majimbun was in Sweden.

He will only be back on Sunday which mean he will not be at the SAPP supreme council meeting tomorrow.

Something is wrong somewhere.


Anonymous said...

"Something is wrong everywhere!"

I can only be in Paris or Sweden in my dreams or via TV ....but for now right after this comment I'll be going down to my small kebun and toil the sweet smelling soil of Sabah.

Lord of the Pauper,
Gunung Kinabalu

Anonymous said...

Joe..your sentimental blogsite is enjoying to me and a daily must-visit for me!

Gunung Kinabalu

JBingkasan said...

Thanks/Kotohuadan/Kounsikou to all my visitors.

The regular anon, I say I am honoured if this humble blog of mine is a daily must-visit and to enjoy of it.

Meet me at the Kionsom Waterfall on Tadau Minggu diti for home-made tumpung.


Anonymous said...

So this is where I can get the latest gossip huh? LOL~

Si tondu lagi

Anonymous said...

Hi! Tondu Mojimbun, you only like to gissip?

Anonymous said...

I don't like to gissip. LOL~ Neither do I like to gossip. LOL~ What I meant by that was that, stories bah. ehe~

Si Tondu

Anonymous said...

Btw, my dad said tondu Majimbun is wrong. LOL~ Its Tanak Majimbun... So I'm changing it to....

Si tanak Majimbun. LOL~

God bless

Anonymous said...

Tanak tondu Majimbun of Tatahan.