Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Sultan Mudarasulail Kiram

A Malaysian, who said he is Sultan Mudarasulail Kiram, said that the Sulu (Philippines) claim over Sabah was no longer valid as before achieving Independence in 1963 the Cobbold Mission found the majority of people in Sabah wanted to be part of Malaysia.

Speaking to the Press in Kota Kinabalu, Madarasuail said he was willing to help the Malaysian Government fight the case in the International Court of Justice.

He was referring to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) chief Nus Misuari's statement last month that he would bring the `Philippine claim over Sabah' the ICU to determine the rightful owner of this Land Below the Wind.

If the Sulu Sultanate still exit, he would be the rightful Sultan of Sulu as well as the Sultan of Sabah.

"But as far as I am concerned, Sulu has no more Sultan because it is now under the Republic of Philippines. Where can we find a Republic Government with a Sultan," he said.

Mudarasulail said based on the line of succession of the Royal Sultans of Sulu, he is the first son of the Late Sultan Makuttah A Kiram, who is the first son of Sultan Muhammad Esmail Khan 1 (1947-1973).

"In actual fact, I am the recognised heir to the throne as I am still receiving the cession money of RM5,300 per year from the Malaysian Government that is paid to the Sulu Sultanate," Mudarasulail said.

He said one Esmail Kiram 11, who is now visiting Sabah, was claiming to be the Sultan of Sulu but he (the latter) has no royal blood.

Mudarasulail had called for the Press conference to urge the police to monitor the activities of Esmail Kiram who had been visiting various districts in the East Coast of Sabah since Friday.

"I konw for a fact that Esmail and Nur Misuari are good friends," he said.

Meanwhile, Mudarasuail said he would be contesting for the Umno Lahad Datu divisional chief post in the coming Umno's delegates conference beginning August. He is a member of the Lahad Datu Umno Division.

He said he had been living in Sabah since he was eight years old with a foster parents Haji Abdul Nairn who had changed his (the Sultan) name for security reason to Paijal Haji Abdul Nain.

He disclosed that he was made a member of the Sulu Royal Council and was recognised as the rightful heir as Sultan of Sulu on Jan 1, 2006, taking the place of his father Sultan Makuttah A Kiram.

Mudarasuail is the president of the Sabah Sulu Cultural Association who registered office is at Sinsuran Shoppping Complex, Kota Kinabalu.

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Anonymous said...

I am Maha Sultan Tinggaton III, Ruler of the World, Kingdom of Heaven!

I am a relative of Genghis Khan, King Arthur and King Solomon.

And I will be contesting for the American Presidency. VOTE FOR ME....AND FREE OIL AND FOOD FOR EVERY ONE!


The 7th Bunduon,
Gunung Kinabalu

Anonymous said...

The former Yugoslavia was once a great republic but then later Serb's racism begun dominating its central government and out of it was produced smaller nations....Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia. And Kosovo...

Malaysia's present political scenario is near a boiling-point. Blogs all over the internet show how true this is!

Well...the dice is in the hands of UMMNO! What a pity would it be should this beautiful Malaysia succumbs to pride of racism!

Pride is a Silent Killer!

The 7th Bunduon,
Gunung Kinabalu.

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