Monday, 23 June 2008

ACA calling Yong

A journalist friend of mine alerted me just now that Sabah Progressive Party's (SAPP) president Datuk Yong Teck Lee had been `invited' by the Anti-Corruption Agency to its State HQ in Kota Kinabalu tomorrow.

It has something to do with RM5 million, which according to a witness in the corruption trial of ex-Federal Minister Tan Sri Kasitah Gadam, was directd by Yong to be paid to his agents while he was Sabah Chief Minister.

Yong had told the SAPP supreme council at its Friday's meeting that should he be charged in court and jailed for what ever reason, they must continue the the party's struggle.

He also said that ACA reopening the file this time around was politically motivated.

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Anonymous said...

...Yugoslavia torn apart due to Serb's racism and domination in its local political scenes!

What happened to the previously much talked-about Bangsa Malaysia?

Negaraku.....or is it Negaramu?

Let us not repeat the tragedy of Balkanisation on our tiny dot in this Dunia Pinjaman!


"Never fool the people...for they have their own thoughts!"

Lobin Tooot,
Gunung Kinabalu.