Saturday, 21 June 2008

Still on SAPP

This afternoon I send a SMS to Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) deputy president who is also Sepanggar Member of Parliament Datuk Eric Majimbun asking him to confirm whether it would be him who is tabling the motion of vote of no confidence to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in Parliament on Monday.

Majimbun replied: "Mana boleh saya baru tiba (Kuala Lumpur) balik dari Europe (How can, I just arrived from Europe). Tabling need 14 days notice.Thanks."

So we have to wait until Monday to see if the motion will be tabled.


Jaxon S said...

It will be interesting to see what nest the SAPP has stirred...

Anonymous said...

...the nest? It is not the Hornet's nest...bukan Sarang Tebuan....

The thing that got stirred is KadazanDusun/Anak-Anak Kinabalu's nationalism!

The Balkan Tragedy of Europe had been due to ethnic-based politicking!

Without Bangsa Malaysia...this country gonna collapse! How on earth is Malaysia dreaming of becoming a developed nation when race-based politics is in practice?

I am crossing-fingers after hearing Dompok's speech sempena Kaamatan when he mentioned...."towards the creation of Bangsa Malaysia!"

Sabah need leaders who can envision what comes by way beyond this present time! Great men have great imaginations!

Lord of the Nunuk Ragang,
Gunung Kinabalu.

Anonymous said...

Not the physical Yong Teck Lee....but it is the spiritual part of Yong Teck Lee that lays the basis of Sabah's younger generation political thoughts...that Sabah is an equal partner of the Malaysia federation!

The pride of the "Sheriff of Nottingham"...will make the oppressed peasants flocking to Robin Hood and create their own Heaven in the forest!

Little John,
Gunung Kinabalu.


Not stirred yet bro
but it certainly moved something or some people
its gonna be exciting, in journalism sense....