Monday, 23 June 2008

What's up SAPP politics

SAPP Sepanggar MP refutes reports that he will support ‘no confidence’ motion

By Joniston Bangkuai of the NST

KOTA KINABALU, MON: THE Sabah Progressive Party Member of Parliament for Sepanggar Datuk Eric Enchin Majimbun has refuted reports that he will support a parliament motion of no confidence against the prime minister.

"I have lost confidence in the leadership but I never said I will support a vote of confidence (against the prime minister)," he told the New Straits Times.

Majimbun said his statement issued on June 18 when party president Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee held a press conference to announce the vote of no confidence against Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made no mention about supporting such a move.

"If you read my statement carefully, I only stated that I have lost confidence in the leadership," said Majimbun who was not present at the June 18 press conference and at the Sapp supreme council meeting on June 20.

Majimbun, who returned here from an official visit to Europe last Saturday, said he will be meeting Yong to find out more about the party's decision to endorse the no confidence motion.

Yong had announced that Majimbun and the party's other MP Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui will support the vote of confidence when it is tabled in parliament and that one of them may even table the motion.

My Say:

I had read Majimbun's signed statement that supported what he had told Datuk Joniston Bangkuai.

And Datuk Yong Teck Lee said he had never said the motion would be tabled in Parliament today.


Anonymous said...

I support YB Eric all the way!!!!!!!!

JBingkasan said...


Many others are with you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bagus lagi kita kembali menanam padi dari melayan dengan penuh perasaan akan "percaturan ahli-ahli politik kita!'

Tanam padi dapat hasil!

Tajau Kusung,
Gunung Kinabalu