Friday, 20 June 2008

Breakfast breaking news

I was at my regular noodle shop in Inanam for my breakfast this morning when a group gentlemen whom I believed were Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) members talking about the party's special supreme council meeting beginning 10am today.

They must be from another division outside Kota Kinabalu for none of them did I recognised.

As I was seated next to their table, I heard their conversation and as I paid my noodle and coffee and left for home, I concluded that SAPP is sure to drop another bombshell today.

SAPP Datuk Yong Teck Lee will announced that the party will pulled out from the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN).

My hometown, Inanam, which is under the jurisdiction of Sepanggar parliamentary constituency will be Opposition and foe to the BN, the MP being Datuk Eric Majimbun, the Deputy President of SAPP and likely to be the MP given the honour to table the motion of vote of no confidence in Parliament against BN chairman and Umno President Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as Prime Minister come Monday.


Anonymous said...

Inanam many kampungs and its township...nostalgically relevant to my growing-up years. There i found and made many friends...and there is no shame to resist a proud government!

Viva Inanam!!!!!!!

I am from Penampang and presently residing out of Penampang yet still living within the KDM heartland. I am proud of my ancestral origin....but will even be prouder as a Bangsa Malaysia!

I believe we Sabahans...especially the humble KDMs are presently doing our very best in making Malaysia the dream nation of earthlings all over the world....but unfortunately the pride of certain political quarters seem to be hindering "this sweet dream!"

Malaysia is only a tiny dot in the world's atlas...focus our attention on the local populations' cries for better governance and only then we comment on Israel's occupation of Palestine...of the American's presence in Iraq..of Lebanon or anything alien that is related to politics!

Much work has yet to be done on the local front! Simulate the concentration of the nation!

Malaysia under the UMNO-dominating central government is "TEMBERANG".

Let us not fight other peoples' wars and woes! Let us heal as a nation for all races and religions!

Lord of the Nunuk Ragang
Gunung Kinabalu

JBingkasan said...

Tobpinai do you still know what is lombiding, tuhau, tiniwak, tungol, birid and liningot?

Anonymous said...

Where is your favourite noodle shop? LOL~

Tondu Majimbun

JBingkasan said...

The noodle shop that sells hot buns which is sandwiched between tow hardawre shops.

Anonymous said...

Ah.. Kadai Kupi Jeong Hin..

JBingkasan said...

Yes, Jeong Hin but sometimes when I feel like to have my breakfast alone, I will be at Sin Lok, the fried noddle panas panas sedap lah.

Anonymous said...

Kotuh-kotuh Lomiding....I really do live in a kampung from any big cities.

I don't only know Tuhau and Tiniwak...Tungol and Birid or Liningot......I even talk to the birds, the wind for my friend and the rain my drink!

Here at my humble sulap....I am so near to Buhavan!


Lord of the Wind,
Gunung Kinabalu

Anonymous said...

Where is Sin Lok? LOL~ I know Jeong Hin tho~ Heee! I love their hot buns. Tatahan kaamatan today and next weekkkkkkkk!!!

Si Tondu

Anonymous said...

...I'll be somewhere in Inanam this week. Need to be this time of the year!

See you Joe!

Misompuru di wagu tokou....tiinau Momogondih......keeeeehui!

Lord of the Nunuk Ragang,

Anonymous said...

...."need to be there at this time of the moment"


Anonymous said...

...uncle benard dompok....the tragic Balkanisation of that part of Europe is due to ethnicity based politics as practicesd by the Serbians.

Presently Malaysia is heading into a situation where the former Yugoslavia had been with the late Chief Sheriff Josef Tito as the only lord!

Balkanisation has produced a free Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina......etc! And all these happened semata-mata kerana politik perkauman!

Let's hope for the best out of UPKO's worst! Susah-susah dulu......sinang-sinang kamudian...bah!

Lord of the Nunuk Ragang,

Only Spouse of Huminodun,

Gunung Kinabalu.

ps:.....I will go to the forest for justice.....