Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I won RM16,000 from ASTRO???

It took me a few minutes to figure out a message SMSed to my pre-paid hand phone yesterday. Then I realised that it was one of those messages that had made the gullible lost their hard-earned money.

The massage in Malay and I quote `TAHNIAH! Prepaid Anda Berjaya Memenangai Cek, RM16,000, Dari ASTRO MALAYSIA Sila Dail Nomber Talian Office: 0062818686416, Terima Kasih. Sender +6281511035734' (Congratulation! Your prepaid successful in winning a cheque, RM16,000, from ASTRO Malaysia, Call Office Line: 00062818686416, Thank You. Sender: +6281511035734.

I believe, I am not the only one receiving this `too good to be true' message. My emails are also receiving lots of letters informing my that my email accounts had won millions of ringgit lottery in UK. There are also letters trusting me to a partner in transferring money from Africa, Ivory Coast, amongst other, to my account and be paid a fat commission.


Contact Information said...

Dear Aki,

I am glad you've highlighted this. My informer tells that millions of ringgit lost (Malaysian) and some that I know off nearly lost their life (physically) crossing the border/the unknown territory. Alas, they are too shy (of their own greed) to come forward. Read the following and spread the words.

and several other sites, you just need to google to discover. Good work Aki.


Contact Information said...

... and ya, I forgot to mention. they are creeping into you very own backyard just to make it real and believable, and there are few malaysian that are too greedy to earn $$$. shame on them...