Sunday, 26 October 2008

Ancient burial jars in Pogunon

The excavator

Coins from the grave

Himpogot One of the jar
Thirteen ancient burial jars were unearthed from an old graveyard in front of the St Joseph Chapel in Kampung Pogunon, Penampang. From one of the broken jar, human bones and artifacts were found.

Coins dating back 1885, bangle and belt (himpogot) made from ancient coins were also found from the jar which was broken when hit by an excavator levelling the ground.

Joe Sulaiman, a villager, said he had seen a jar at shop in Kota Kinabalu similar to those found at the Kampung Pogunon graveyard which cost RM100,000 each.

He said elders in the village believed that those buried at the cemetery were their ancestors. The graveyard had also been gazetted as an ancient burial ground and is being looked after by the Sabah Museum.


HotGipan said...

Hi Aki, I heard this news not long ago thru Sabah Vfm... n yes I am listening to it every now n then here in downunder.

Very interesting finding eh?? I believe there are more of such finding in other places. I read one article (could be on the net) that the Japs after WWII they buried their ammunition and most of their belongings somewhere in Nuntunan Apin2 Keningau... hmm I wonder if anyone found out abt it yet?

Well, you hv a good day.

Clar3Be said...

I'm just hoping that the authority will give us more information about the findings.