Saturday, 18 October 2008

I'm back!!!!!

At 10am today, TM technicians came to my house and within five minutes my Streamyx link was restored. I could not say I was happy, to cry or whatever for the problem, which locked me out of the outside world since Oct 10, was the modem.

All the they did was replaced my ADSL DB102 with a new one ADSL2+Modem/Router and I was connected to the world.

I was so naive that when I reported to TM Customercare about my link blinking, a technician called me that my fixed telephone line was ok but needed to check my port so they have to come to my house - they said would fixed appointment. Two days later, I received a call that TM people will come Saturday (today). The rest is history.

Thinking about all this, I should had just walk in to any Kedai Telekom and bought a new modem but than again, as I had said earlier, I was so naive, a simple `orang kampung' who took for granted that government or its agencies' services worked that way.

And my apology to all visitors during my `absence'. Thanks to Angel Bear for that encouraging posting.

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Merapu itu baik untuk kesihatan said...

welcome back mr.joseph. Miss reading ur update on the current sabah politics.