Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Fruits of my parents' labour

Though my mother is no longer with us, she had left to her husband (my father) and children memories that will forever be cherished by us all. Not only her love in bringing the six of us but the many thing she left behind that we are now enjoying.

Among the many things that are still living in her memory are, among others, the rambutan, durian, mangosteen, langsat, durian, pulutan and bambangan trees that provide us endless supply of fruits when in season. Together with my father, she toiled the once jungle into fruit trees that are now tall, dwarfing us. When the trees were small, we used to touch their leaves.

And this is the time that we are enjoying the fruits of her labour. The photographs above are some of the fruits from her orchard inherited by her living famlly members in Kampung Kionsom, Inanam.


Contact Information said...

gee....I can wait to return home in November, that's a couple of weeks from now. I hope it is a fruiting season in Tamparuli too. Gday mate!

John Gandhi said...


I am so jealous right now! I'm surprise that you didn't dive first into the durian before you took the shot! That must be some awesome willpower you got there or you simply feel the sadistic urge to torture your viewers! :)

Anyway, its amazing that your trees will always bear fruits for your next generation. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

....fruits talk....King Cup is no longer anonymous!

JBingkasan said...

1. November is just around the corner, Tamparuli will still be in fruits season of especially langsat, bambangan and durian.

2. Yes the fruit trees will provide fruits to Bingkasan's future generation.

3. Sometimes it good to divert, for a while, from the `good, bad and ugly' politics.

Angie Boilis said...

anybody who loves durian resonates with me...p