Friday, 29 June 2007

Tip of the iceberg

Out of the blue a signboard was put in place at a road junction in Tenom. It is to inform the people that construction of the four-kilometres Kampung Langsat - Kampung Mas road had been completed on June 22, this year.

According to the signboard, the construction of the road was carried out by the Rural Development Ministry and the Tenom District Office.

However, no Ministry nor District Office officers seem to know about the road project. And to add to the insult of the intelligent of people in the area, Public Works Department confirmed that construction of road had actually been completed 10, yes, 10 years ago.

A village development and security committee head confirmed that the signboard was put up on June 25.

Of course, the standard answer from the Ministry and DO office, "We will investigate."

My Say:

I dare say that this is just a tip of the iceberg. There are many such signboards, particulary, in the rural areas. A case of false claim in the making? Signboard put up on June 25 telling the people that the project was completed on June 22. Even Tan Sri Ting Pik Khing would not be able to do this. Can't the Anti-Corruption smell something?

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