Saturday, 30 June 2007

The deads among us

He is a local, has a good job and happy family. But record in the National Registration Department shows he had passed away on Oct 27, 2001 in Ulu Langsat, Selangor. Until recenlty, he was not aware of his `position in this world' and that he had casted his vote during the 2004 general elections. H had never set foot to the place where he was supposed to have died.The NRD even gave him his death certificate folio number but he is still among us, living, healthy and kicking.

My Say:

We can't take thing for granted now with all these strange happening. Who knows, yours truely might also been listed as `dead' as I had also voted in the last general elections.

In this matter, can we call the poor gay a phantom voter, for in his case eventhough he was `dead' it was himself who turned up to vote. A similer case, in the reverse, happened in the election for the Kawang seat some years ago. In an election petition, one of the reasons given seeking a declaration to nullify the result was that a dead voter was recorded to have voted. Evidence adduced later that this voter had actually passed away but his name was still listed in the Election Commission's voters list. And still the `dead' came to vote, of course, `represented' by another living unknown person.

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