Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Killer identified

City Police chief ACP Ku Chin Wah Tuesday confirmed to the Press that a suspect believed to be a foreigner had been identified responsible in inflicting injuries that resulted the death of Dusun singer Enggu Sam in Menggatal on Monday.
A good job by the City Police and let hope the suspect and accomplices will be nabbed soonest possible.
Lawmaker respresenting Sepanggar, Eric Majimbun had told Parliament in the last session that certain areas in Telipok, Menggatal and Inanam, the locals are out numbered by foreigners.
My Say:
Just go for a walk at the market area specially established for the locals in Inanam Town. Majority of the hawkers are foreigners. The market is officially named `Tamu Tradisi Inanam' (Inanam Tradiational Market) specially for the local people. Who and where are the locals here?

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