Saturday, 30 June 2007

Kadazandusuns = Dayaks

A friend of mine told me and I quote "Kadazans, once a political force in Sabah, are now impotent. Same as the Dayaks in Sarawak.The reason the same. They are very vulnerable and like to self-destruct."

My Say:

Initially is was UNKO and Pasok Momogun then it became UPKO but was dissolved and all its leaders joined its rival USNO. Subsequently, emerged Berjaya. Then PBS was born that went on to produce siblings PDS, PBRS and SAPP. PDS had since became new UPKO.

UNKO, Pasok Momogun, UPKO, PBS,PDS (UPKO) and PBRS all all Kadazandusun-based mulit-racial. All these parties came about for the same reason as my friend had rightfully said `self-destruction.' I am also a son of the soil of the Kadazandusun group, I am also at liberty to form my own party for the leaders of my community like to be `President'. Can I be called as a `self-destruct' agent.

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