Thursday, 28 June 2007

Rakan oh Rakan

We have Rakan Muda, Rakan Cop and shortly we will have Rakan Immigration. Wonder what is next? Like Rakan Cop, the function of Rakan Immigration, amongst others, a centre for members of the public to channel information of illegal immigrants presence in our own backyard, individuals or companies harbouring them. The objectives are many but it will centred on assisting other enforcement authorities in flushing out illegal immigrants of this beautiful State of ours Land Below The Wind.

My Say:

This look like adding to the many red tapes we have to encounter when making reports. There is sure confusion to which Rakan to refer. Remember 911, 941, 999 and the the other 9s for emergency cases. There had been cases of people reporting fire only to be told that they got the number for hospital. Now it been centred to just 999 for all emergencies cases. Just how many Rakan will emerged, eventually I Say it will be back to a single entity. One thing good to all of us is that we like to experiment..............

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