Thursday, 28 June 2007

Beware Punjabi man

A police report had been made by Malaysia Indian Congress head of the Libaran branch in Sandakan that an 48-year-old Punjabi is on the look for victim to part with their money. The man married and has five children by left all of them in Keningau is a conman having tricked several people to give him money to be invested with a promise of hig return. But that the last time the victim see their money.

My Say:

Beware also to this kind of people who will come uninvited to house of office introducing as educated foreigners and able to tell what lies ahead of you. They will asked their victim to do all sort of things, and in the end will be asked to give them money as payment. A victim myself several years ago, the man play a simple trick that make me give him money easily. When I realised I had been conned, the man was nowhere to be seen again.

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