Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sabah Lundayeh Cultural Association

Here is the list of the newly elected Committee members of the Sabah Lundayeh Cultural Association. They were elected during the association annual general meeting held at its own building in Sipitang on Saturday, April 25, 2009.

President: Pengiran Lalung (retains the post uncontested)
Deputies: 1. Thaba Libang.(uncontested).
2. Raymond Isak Uta.
3. Martin Aran.

VP: 1. Edward Padan Danor.
2. Richard Kamtan Tuah
3. Pius Ganang.
4. Richard Sulaiman Liau.
5. Joseph Arow Sinau.

Committee Members:
1. Sulaiman Boing.
2. Joshua Tuah.
3. Stephen Baru Labo.
4. Buing Balang.
5. Samuel Kafung.
6. Sidan Labo.
7. Mariam Sakai.
8. Saran Ipui.
9. Titus Sakai.
10. Salam Selutan.
11. Semion Sakai.
12. Richard Selutan.

The Secretary General and its assistant, Treasurer and its assistant and Information chief and its assistant will be appointed later.

In his opening speech, Sipitang MP Datuk Sapawi Hj. Ahmad praised the Association for its commitment in promoting culture of the Lundayeh, who is already well-known throughout the nation, although they are one of the minority groups in sabah. He said the Lundayeh is also well-known for their unique bamboo band performance which cannot be found in any other ethnic group in the state.

He also praised the Lundayeh Association for their success in building its own cultural building with their own initiative and funds. During the same occasion, Sapawi made a personal donation of 150 plastic chairs for the association use.

According to Lalung, the building, which is situated at kilometer 7 off Sipitang-Sindumin road costs the association more than RM600,000 to date. it still requires more funds to furnish the building.

So far the Association received about RM250,000.00 from the state and federal government.

MP Ghapur: Keeping Tan dangerous

Umno Kalabakan MP Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh said the Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) must stick to the principle of appointing only members of coalition partners to government posts.
Keeping independent BN supporters in the State Cabinet or other government positions would be "dangerous", which could destroy the coalition's unity and underlying strength in facing the electorate, he said.
Ghapur said this when commenting on the Liberal Democratic Party's call for partyless Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Raymond Tan to resign his Cabinet position, as it was unethical of him to continue in government without being a member of any of the BN party.
Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman has said on Monday that he will get the views of component parties before he makes a decision on Tan's position.
Tan, who had resigned from Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) after it quit BN on Sept 17 last year, said he was a Barisan supporter and was planning to form a new party together with other members against SAPP's move.
Ghapur said the retention of Tan would send a signal to other component party members in government that it was not wrong to leave a component party but still declare their support for the Barisan.
"If this is the case, then I can say I quit Umno but will remain independent supporting Barisan. Will the Barisan also accept my stand?
"I believe this is not the right way for the Barisan to operate under any circumstances," he added

Monday, 27 April 2009

Musa will decide soon on Raymond Tan's position

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman today said he will make a decision on Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah's position after considering views from the Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties.
Musa, who is Sabah BN head, said he has been listening to the view of BN leaders on the matter. He said some had presented their views to him and that he would discuss with them before a decision is made.

Raymond Tan did met Pairin?

Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) president Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan today hinted that party-less Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah had met him about the possibility of the latter to join Barisan Nasional through PBS.
"I believes Tan had been in contact with all BN component parties in Sabah," Pairin said when asked by a reporter whether Tan had personally contacted him on the matter.
When asked about a posting in a blog (Aki Momogun) on April 19, 2009 that Tan is likely to join PBS and that Pairin was willing to discuss the matter with his party's supreme council, the Huguan Siou (Paramount chief of the Kadazan Dusun) said," It was only a blog report although anything is possible."
In the posting on Sunday, I quoted a PBS assemblyman who is also one of the party's supreme council as saying that Tan, a former Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) deputy president, is likely to join PBS.
Pairin today said PBS practised an open door policy to whoever wants to join the party unless there is hindrance it such as if the person had committed some wrongdoing. Tan is now left with no party as he quit SAPP when the party ditched BN on Sept 17, 2008.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

LDP wants Raymond to quit DCM post

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), a Sabah-based Barisan Nasional (BN) component party member, has endorsed its Vice President Datuk Chin Su Phin's call for Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah to resign as Sabah Deputy Chief Minister.

"He should resign in the interest of BN." LDP president Datuk V K Liew told the Press after chairing his party's supreme council meeting in Kota Kinabalu today.

Liew, who is a Federal Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, said the decision for the endorsement was made unanimous by the supreme council in view of the current political situation in the State.

"Datuk Raymond Tan has not done the most honourable thing like his for ex-colleagues in Sabah Progressive PParty (SAPP) done. By procrastinating, he has begun to cause the public to lost confidence on the Government," he said.

Tan was SAPP Deputy President until Sept 17, 2008 when the party ditched BN. Tan, who is Tanjong Papar assemblyman, stay put in BN and despite without a party, is still in the State Cabinet.

Liew said after the outcome of the meeting today, he would likely be raising the matter with Chief Minister and Sabah BN chief Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Chin had last week questioned Musa for keeping Tan as Deputy Chief Minister when he is now party-less. In asking the Chief Minister to reshuffle the State Cabinet, Chin also asked why Usukan Umno assembluman Datuk Japlin Akim is still an Assistant Minister despite being suspended from Umno for three years for involving in money politics.

Meanwhile, in another related development, another Sabah-based BN member, Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) has called on SAPP Vice President Datuk Frankie Chong to resign as the State Legislative Assembly's Deputy Speaker.

PBRS president Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, who is also a Federal Deputy Minister said Chong was stil with SAPP and should not hold on to his government post.

"SAPP had left BN, so Chong should also go as SAPP had abandoned its struggles in BN and now an opposition party," Kurup, the member of Parliment for Pensiangan, said.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Form One students can't read and write: How true can this be???

This story is from HERE.
KENINGAU: Despite having completed six years of primary education a number of students in Trans Pegalan still do not know how to read and write. More alarmingly, their number has increased.
An educational activist, Garius Pukin, when revealing this yesterday claimed that based on statistics in the last five years at least 40 students who entered Form One bridge class had been identified having no ability to read and write.
“This is a serious matter,” he said.
Garius, who is also the Village Development and Security Committee chairman of Kg Ambual, lamented that the situation had forced 20 worried parents to relocate their children to other schools.
“It’s impossible that they still don’t know how to read and write after having spent six years in the primary school…but this is a reality and it’s happening in Trans Pegalan,” he said.
But Garius claimed that the causes were obvious, one of which is that some teachers are over-preoccupied with political and business commitments.
“Many teachers who are holding political positions frequently abscond from their teaching duties for weeks especially when their parties are having activities like divisional and national meetings,” he alleged.
He urged the Education Ministry to investigate the matter or better still, ban teachers from any involvement in politics.
“Their job is to teach.”
My Say:
I have my reservation about the truth of this story. But coming from a teacher and a community leader, I assume that something must be done to correct the situation. Kampung Ambual is in Keningau (Interior Division of Sabah).
We have had Yang Dipertua Negeri (Two), Ex-Chief Minister (Two), Ex-Deputy Chief Minister (two and another one is still in that position now), Ministers, Assistant Ministers, Members of Parliament and Assemblymen from this area.
It is impossible that they did not know about this thing happening in their own area. Teachers should be at schools teaching students, not out there in politics and business.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

SAPP: Take action against anti-Malaysia elements

This is what Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president Datuk Yong Teck Lee told a Press conference today at his party's headquarters as it appear in the party's official website HERE.
Datuk Yong Teck Lee said that the recent release without charge of the persons who burned the Sabah flags sends a very dangerous message to many people in Sabah, particularly in the East Coast, that such treasonable actions are tolerated.
Yong further added that the "The New Sulu Times" that propagated anti-Malaysia propaganda was merely banned but no action was taken against the people behind it.
"A new publication by the same people can surface any time under another title. Whereas 'Malaysia Today' and other anti-BN websites have been shut down by the authorities, other websites claiming that Sabah is under the 'illegal occupation of Malaysia' are still active.
"In other states, people have been charged for insulting the Sultan and for protesting against toll hikes. Journalists and bloggers have been detained under the Internal Security Act. But in Sabah, people who committed treason by staking a claim on Sabah on behalf of a foreign power and burning state flags walk free.
By claiming Sabah as belonging to another country, these people have ridiculed the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Sabah Tuan Yang DiPertua Negeri, our national Parliament, State Legislative Assembly and our Federal and State constitutions to which we have been sworn to uphold.
"These people had caused public anxiety. The entire anti-riot police of Lahad Datu district had to be deployed and top police officers were dispatched from their State headquarters on the same day. The efficiency of our police force is to be commended.
Now, it is the duty of the State and Federal governments to do their part to safeguard the sovereignty and peaceful progress of our nation Malaysia."The Sabah Chief Minister in his winding up speech Wednesday had said of the "Sabah Claim"...
(a) Is an internal matter of the Philippines
(b) The case has never been formally claimed in bilateral (Malaysia-Philippines) forum
(c) Malaysia has never entertained this "non-issue" and the United Nations recognizes that Sabah is part of Malaysia
(d) The Lahad Datu flag burning incident April 4 is an ordinary crime
(e) The Philippines government has not given any commitment to establish a consulate in Sabah.
"With due respect, what the Chief Minister has missed out are
(a) The "Sabah Claim" has now surfaced in Sabah by way of flag burning, "birth certificates" being issued by a foreign authority for children born in Sabah, printed publications and websites openly claiming that Sabah is not part of Malaysia. The "Sabah Claim" mindset among Filipinos is a psychological impediment to the long term solution to the illegal immigrants issue. It is already an open policy of the Philippines to refuse deportees from Sabah. In other words, the "Sabah Claim" is an internal matter of the Philippines that has vast implications on Malaysia's security."
b) The "Sabah Claim" was raised in the "Pulau Ligitan and Pulau Sipadan case" before the International Court of Justice in 2001 when the Philippines asserted, unsuccessfully, "that its claim of sovereignty over North Borneo might be affected by the Court's reasoning or interpretations of treaties in issue between Indonesia and Malaysia.(ICJ 23 Oct. 2001) "
This back door attempt to bring their claim on Sabah to the World Court shows that the Philippines is actively reviving this issue."Of course, the Philippines's revival of the "Sabah Claim' does not change the international law that Malaysia has sovereignty over Sabah and that the UN recognizes Sabah as part of Malaysia.
Indeed, Malaysia, with Sabah as a state, is a creation of the UN in 1963. By necessary consequence and effective control under international law, the Philippines and the Sultan of Sulu have long ago lost sovereignty over any part of Sabah. So, international law is not the issue.
"The real issue is security. And the potential for conflict at a future date caused partly by false hopes among some people in the Philippines, and some illegal immigrants in Sabah, that somehow they, not Malaysia, are the rightful heirs of Sabah."The Philippines is the only neighbouring country not to have a consulate in Sabah. Brunei, Indonesia and Japan have full consulates here.
Even France, Denmark, Slovakia, Britain, Finland, Switzerland, Panama, Bangladesh and Australia have honorary consuls in Sabah. As a comparison, the Philippines has consulates in Indonesian Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Surabaya other than the embassy in Jakarta.
It is an open secret that the Philippines has refused to set up a consulate in Sabah because they deem it (a consulate) would be fatal in their claim for Sabah, the logic being that they (the Philippines) cannot set up a consulate in their own country.
This is why the Philippines Embassy in Kuala Lumpur chooses to provide consular services to their citizens by sending officials to Sabah occasionally even though this long distance arrangement is causing hardship to their citizens here.
"Although we Malaysians believe that the "Sabah Claim" is a dead issue, on the Philippines side, this issue is kept alive as a form of "psychological warfare".
It is reasonable to suspect that the Philippines are continuously preparing the Filipino psyche for a more effective claim on Sabah at a future date.
For instance, Sabah (North Borneo) appears in their national maps. Note that "Malaysia" was not identified; just Sabah (North Borneo). Although Sabah (North Borneo) was shown to be separated by an international boundary, the appearance of Sabah (North Borneo) in their national maps reinforces their peoples' mindset that there is this place called "Sabah (North Borneo)" that is part of Filipino territory.
Otherwise, it is absolutely not necessary for Sabah (North Borneo) to appear in their national maps.
"What is our Government doing about all these matters? We can reject the Philippines's Sabah claim but we should not ignore the dangers of anti-Malaysia elements championing it."
If the Government policy is that we should not talk about the so-called Sabah Claim because Malaysia does not recognize it, then it must also show that such treasonable actions will be harshly dealt with.
The burning of Sabah flags in Lahad Datu April 4 is a manifestation of the potential for trouble at a future date. Although the police found that the flag burning was the work of a tiny group, the authorities cannot be sure if the incident has the tacit support of a wider section of the community, both local and foreign.
The flag burning, "The New Sulu Times" and websites promoting the "Sabah Claim" add to the mindset of anti-Malaysia elements that could germinate into a future threat to the Malaysia's security which should not be underestimated.
"In compelling the Philippines to set up a consulate in Sabah, our government should consider the suspension of their consular services conducted from KL, withdrawal of the Malaysian consulate in Davao, the suspension of the Philippine-owned Mindanao-Sabah ferry services and review the help that we extend to the Philippines in international bodies such as the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC), which the Philippines desperately need. The Philippines must be made to understand that good relations with Malaysia will benefit them too." said Yong.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Masing: Make law to prevent by-elections

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Dato Sri Dr James Masing yesterday suggested that a law be passed to prevent by-election caused by the resignations of elected representatives out to test public opinion.
He said there should also be provision to prevent the resignations of elected representatives seeking to test the popularity of his or her party.
By-elections resulting from such resignations are a waste of public funds and should not be allowed, said the Baleh assemblyman and Land Development Minister.
“The party involved in (such attempt to) force unnecessary by-election should be penalised,” he told The Borneo Post in Kuching when commenting on the resignation of Penanti (Penang) assemblyman Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin, the former Penang Deputy Chief Minister I. Masing said: “I suggest a law be passed to prevent future occurrence of this nature.”
He said he was sad to note that currently some people are trying to abuse the practice of parliamentary democracy.
Masing said: “The practice of parliamentary democracy is something that people should respect. It is done or invented so that the public would have a chance to participate in democracy and the election process.”
He described the Penanti by-election – should it be called later as unnecessary.
“To hold it would be a waste of public funds and abuse of the practice of parliamentary democracy. The party so involved in calling for it unnecessarily should be penalised,” he claimed. He said in the Penanti case, a by-election was unnecessary because Mohammad Fairus had yet to be charged or convicted for graft allegations.
“Until and if that happens, then only should we be calling for the by-election,” said Masing.
“A by-election should also be called in any constituency when the incumbent suddenly passes away, is found to be a bankrupt or convicted of any serious crime,” he said. PRS is a component of the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.
Last Saturday in Pekan, Pahang, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said he did not want to play game with the opposition, saying politics is a serious matter. The Umno president said the by-election was clearly the opposition’s political game.
The BN must first consider whether the by-election would benefit the people or otherwise, he said, adding that he was not ruling out the possibility that the BN would just ignore the Penanti by-election.
Most BN loyalists said the Penanti by-election was part of a political game of the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to psyche themselves up that people are behind them

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Raymond Tan to join PBS?

Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah is likely to join Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), a member of Barisan Nasional (BN). PBS is headed by another Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

"He (Tan) needed a party so if he want to join PBS, the party president is willing to put up the matter before the supreme council for a favourable consideration. There has been communication toward that direction, " a PBS assemblyman told Aki Momogun.

Tan, who is Tanjong Papat's assemblyman, is now without a party after he left Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP). He quit when SAPP, headed by former Chief Minister Datuk Yong Teck Lee, left the BN on Sept 17, last year.

The assemblyman, who is also a PBS supreme council member, said the decision was now with Tan as he could not be without a party for long. The assemblyman said Tan, who is also Industrial Development Minister, must have a party to continue to be in the State Cabinet.

When SAPP ditched BN, Tan was reported to be registering a new party to be his political platform but until today there had been no development. He was said to have had submitted his application to the Registrar of Society.

Too good to be true

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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ex Sabah MP Dies

Former member of Parliament for Marudu Haji Affendy Tun Mohd Fuad Stephens passed away today in Singapore after a short illness . He was 50. He was the son of Sabah first Chief Minister Tun Haji Mohd Fuad Stephens (then Donald Stephens) and Toh Puan Hajah Rahimah.

Here is an update from the New Straits Times.

By Joniston Bangkuai
KOTA KINABALU: Elected in 1982 as one of Malaysia's youngest members of parliament, Affendy Stephens, died yesterday while on holiday with his family in Singapore. He was 50.
He leaves behind his wife, Zalina Kamal, and three daughters, aged 3 to 15.
The second son of former Sabah Yang Dipertua Negeri Tun Mohammed Fuad Stephens, Affendy was elected the Marudu MP on a Parti Berjaya ticket at the age of 23 and served for a term.
He joined Umno when the party expanded its wings to Sabah in 1991, and held various positions, including as Penampang Umno division deputy head and Youth chief before retiring from politics.
A businessman, Affendy, who had served as Kiulu People Development leader, was also a director of several companies here and in Kuala Lumpur.
His sister Faridah Stephens said Affendy had breathing difficulties and chest discomfort last week and sought treatment at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.
After having an angiogram, he was discharged last Sunday and was to have returned to Kuala Lumpur today.Affendy's mother, Toh Puan Rahimah Stephens, a former state minister, and other family members rushed to Singapore on Friday to be with him.
"We never expected this. He seemed to be all right on Wednesday night and was in a jolly mood playing with his kids and talking to us," Faridah said.
Affendy's body was taken to his in-laws residence at 56, Jalan BJ/4, Taman Bukit Jaya in Bukit Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur.
He will be buried at the Jalan Ampang Muslim cemetery after prayers at the Kampung Baru Mosque at 9.30am today.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Suhaili claims trial

KOTA KINABAL: A day after being charged with cheating, former Labuan MP Datuk Suhaili Abdul Rahman pleaded not guilty in the Magistrate's Court here on April 14, 2009 to making a false statement in a statutory declaration 14 years ago.
The 48-year-old Labuan Umno chairman is charged with making a false statement before Justice of the Peace Mohd Naser Mohd Noor at the JP's office here for the purpose of registering Saraequity Sdn Bhd on Aug 3, 1995.
If convicted under section 193 of the Penal Code, he faces a jail term of up to three years with whipping and liability of a fine.Magistrate Noor Hafizah Mohd Salim allowed the application by deputy public prosecutor Kevin Morais to transfer the case to the Sessions Court.
No bail was given.
Suhaili was represented by counsel Rakhbir Singh.
The day earlier, Suhaili, whose term as Labuan Corporation chairman expired on March 31, pleaded not guilty in the Sessions Court to cheating a bank manager by using someone else's identity card to act as a guarantor for a RM160,000 bank loan in 1996.
The trial was fixed from Feb 8 to 12 next year.The politician who was dropped in the 2008 general election and replaced by Yusuf Mahal for the Labuan seat, has been in the news in the past few years for different reasons, including the death of his wife in October last year, following a botched liposuction surgery. BERNAMA

Monday, 13 April 2009

Labuan ex-MP to face another charge Tuesday

Former Labuan MP Datuk Suhaili Abdul Rahman, who pleaded not guilty in the Kota Kinabalu Sessions Court today to cheating a bank by using someone else's identity card to act as a guarantor for a RM160,000 loan, will appear in the Magistrate's Court tomorrow (Tuesday - April 14, 2009 to face another charge.
Suhaili, whose term as Labuan Corporation chairman expired on March 31, is charged today with leading bank manager Ismail Jantan to believe that he was the holder of an identity card bearing number H0552181 in a housing loan application for RM110,000 and an overdraft of RM50,000 to purchase an apartment unit at Api-Api Centre, Kota Kinabalu.
He allegedly committed the offence at the Malayan Banking Berhad Kota Kinabalu branch on April 3, 1996.
If convicted, he faces a jail term of one to 10 years with whipping and liability of a fine.Judge Caroline Bee Majanil fixed Feb 8-12 next year for trial and allowed bail of RM20,000 with a deposit of RM3,000 by one surety.
Deputy public prosecutor Kevin Morais told the court that the prosecution had 13 witnesses while defence counsel Rakbir Singh said the defence had four.
Meanwhile, when met by reporters outside the courtroom, Suhaili, who was expected to have his term as Labuan Corporation chairman extended this week, said he would leave the matter of his appointment to the Federal Territories Minister.

Ex-Minister goes to jail

Sabah former Culture, Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Conrad Mojuntin was this morning ordered by the Court of Appeal in Kota Kinabalu to serve from today his six months jail for criminal intimidation.

Judges Tengku Datuk Baharudin Shah Tengku Mahmud, Datuk Mohd Raus Sharif and Datuk Abdul Hamid Embong dismissed Conrad's application for leave and also revoked his RM5,000 bail.

In the High Court on Jan 2, 2009, Conrad was sentenced to six months jail by Judicial Commissioner Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli and fined RM2,000 fine in default three months jail to a charge of voluntarily causing hurt on which he was jointly charged with nephew David Mojuntin.

The jail sentence was to take effect but Conrad applied for stay of execution as he wanted to appeal against the High Court’s decision to the Court of Appeal.Abdul Rahman granted Conrad’s application and released him on RM5,000 bail in two local sureties.

Conrad, 61, was charged with criminally intimidating businessman Doughty Disimon, 31, outside the SJD Café and Sports at 3.30am on Oct 23, 2005 behind the Public Bank, Donggongon Penampang.

The offence under Section 506 of the Penal Code carries a jail term of up to two years or fine or both on conviction.The ex-minister was also jointly charged with David, 45, for voluntarily causing hurt to Chee Hee Fatt, 45, at 4am on Oct 23, 2005, also at the same place.

The offence under Section 323 of the Penal Code read with Section 34 of the same Code provides a jail term of up to one year of both.Both Mojuntins were discharged and acquitted of both the charges by the Magistrate’s Court on March 31, 2008.

The prosecution appeal to the High Court against the Magistrate’s Court decision and on Dec 17, 2008 Abdul Rahman Sebli allowed the appeal.

He held that the magistrate had seriously misdirected himself when he ruled that the prosecution had failed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.

The judge set aside the magistrate order of acquittal and substitute it with an order of conviction on both charges against Conrad and David. Abdul Rahman, however, deferred sentencing to Jan 2, 2009.
The Mojuntins were today represented by lawyer Zahir Hussein Ahmad Shah while Deputy Public Prosecutor Manoj Kurup was for the prosecution.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Why was PKR defdeated in Batang Ai?

An alaysis by The Brokenshield
It is obvious that the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is still riding on the wave of political tsunami in Kedah by winning the Bukit Selambau by-election with a bigger majority last Tuesday, but it failed to cause a wave in the Batang Ai by-election.
Its candidate the former five-term Lubok Antu MP Jawah Gerang was soundly defeated. He secured 2,053 votes as against the BN candidate, Malcolm Mussen Lamoh of 3,907 votes.
Several factors have been attributed to the failure of Keadilan to take advantage of the seemingly dissatisfied 8,129 voters who have been shabbily treated by the BN State government – the broken promises, the unpaid claims, lack of land for farming and lack of infrastructural facilities.
Dayaks not ready to abandon BNTheories are many attributing to the failure. But obviously, one of the main factors is that Dayaks are not ready to abandon the State Barisan Nasional, even although many of its policies are against their interests.
Truthfully, many have indeed benefited from the BN polices. For example in this by-election, there are a number of instant “noodle” projects, the promises to look into their problems, to tar-seal their roads and to provide various health and recreational amenities as well as the financial assistance. Being simple-minded and trusting the BN to fulfill its promises, they therefore voted for the BN candidate.
BN polices are perceived as “fair”.
These voters have also been told that the BN and chief minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s polices are "fair" in that some Dayaks and Dayak leaders have benefited from such policies; Dayak leaders in PBB like Alfred Jabu Numpang whose wealth is perhaps at par with Leonard Linggi Jugah, the richest Dayak in Sarawak will surely cling like leeches on to Taib Mahmud.
And even in Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) itself there are leaders who have timber concessions, large tracts of land for oil palm plantation, school and government contracts. Naturally, these Dayak leaders are at the forefront of the campaigns trying to convince their fellow Dayaks to support Taib’s policies even for small minor rural development projects.
As the Dayak Iban community in Batang Ai is one of the poorest in Malaysia, these projects and promises are therefore very tempting; and hence how could they refuse such offer and abandon Barisan Nasional and Abdul Taib Mahmud?
But the Barisan Nasional must also remember that this was a by-election during which they promised heaven on earth. However, both the voters and PKR are watching whether the promises made will be fulfilled by the time the next state election comes in two year’s time or even sooner than expected.
PKR is considered an “outsider” party.
Another reason for PKR’s failure to gain foothold in Sarawak’s rural areas is that the Dayaks especially the Ibans have been told to be wary of peninsular-based political parties. PKR is an “outsider” party, the party that does not respect the Iban customs.
This issue has been highlighted in the recent by-election and so repeatedly reminded that the Ibans are skeptical with parties like Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and even UMNO spreading its wings into Sarawak.
The State BN knows that the Ibans have always been suspicious of peninsular people and telling them what happens in Sabah makes them more frightened.
Sabah is now under the control of UMNO and everything that needs to be done must receive approval from UMNO headquarters. PKR under Anwar Ibrahim will be no different. The “yes Anwar no Taib” slogan was not effective enough to sway voters in the Batang Ai by-election.
The point was clearly emphasized by president of PRS and director of operations for the Batang Ai by-election James Masing who said the defeat of peninsular-based party, PKR in the by-election “is proof that it has no place in Sarawak”.
“This goes to show that Sarawakians want Sarawakians to be in control in Sarawak, not those outsiders. It showed we do not want PKR to come in.
”Again being multi-racial and “outsider-based” party, PKR has no answer to argue over the current political set-up of the State Barisan Nasional where all communities are represented by their respective communal parties that is considered by the State political leadership as the best assurance towards political stability and economic progress.
Racial-based party is still preferred.
Thus they see in multi-racial parties like PKR and Sarawak National Party (SNAP) as not suitable as of now as the people are still conscious of racial-based parties. SNAP was once a very powerful Dayak-based party, and when it became multi-racial, it slowly lost its power and influence among the Dayaks.
The Dayaks’ frustrations in SNAP gave birth to a racially-based party, Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) in July 1983. This belief still holds true till this day. Look at PBB which is representing the Malay/Melanau communities, SUPP the Chinese community and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) representing the rural communities. PRS was almost caught in trouble with some non-Dayak elements in the party. It is now slowly becoming a Dayak-based party.
PKR Sarawak- Bickering over the choice of candidate.
The other contributing factor that needs mention is the continued internal bickering in PKR over the selection of the candidate for the by-election and carried over into the nine-day campaign period. Two groups with one supporting Jawah Gerang and the other Nicholas Bawin almost came to blows on the eve of nomination day.
This heated argument in front of the unfriendly media became the main stories of the local papers and were being exploited by the BN to its advantage.
It was said that when Anwar came to Sarawak one week before nomination, he was supposed to announce that Bawin would be the candidate, because Bawin who had been a member of PKR had already prepared for the by-election since May 22, 2008 the day that the late Dublin Unting, the incumbent state assemblyman went into coma.
But the group supporting Jawah who recently joined PKR confronted Anwar and even threatened to resign from PKR if he did not accede to their demand. Anwar was more or less held to ransom had he not given in to their demand.Meanwhile, Bawin’s supporters became angry and refused to campaign for Jawah.
Even there were rumours to suggest that Bawin himself and his supporters campaigned for the Barisan candidate.The unabated bickering had made the PKR preparations go haywire. Although Bawin was the director of operations, he was no where to be seen in the PKR operations.
He was believed to have campaigned in Engkari and Lemanak. Thus, a coordinator of the election in the person of YB Dominique Ng was appointed.
Ng played down the open bickering amongst the party leaders and members and said: “The wrong choice of candidate was not an issue in the PKR camp because even if we fielded Bawin, the party would be defeated just as badly.”
PKR’s election workers were not paid.
Grouses and grumblings among the PKR election workers were also heard that they had not been paid for their services and that no food was prepared for them. This is bad for PKR’s psychological warfare against the enemy.
Political observers see that voluntary services by the members for the party’s campaigns may be a good strategy in the peninsula, but in rural Sarawak it cannot be done this way due to many factors one of which is that the campaigners come from poor families.
There is also a need to buy petrol for their cars or outboard engines as they have to travel through difficult terrain, and poor road conditions or fast running water or rapids to reach vast and sparsely populated constituencies.
Few elected representatives and campaigners from Penang and Selangor who campaigned for the PKR candidate had visited the various longhouses and had some unpleasant experiences – the hazardous journey passing through difficult terrain, sleeping in the longhouses with little food and drinks.
But such experiences will help them to understand Sarawak better."No money, no talk" The other factor pointing to the failure of PKR was money. In Sarawak, money is still the most important tool of the election. Without it, you cannot win any election in Sarawak.
You need it to charter boats and vans and pay workers for their food. You need to buy petrol, and even to buy votes. The Barisan Nasional is doing such a thing, sometimes very openly. And nobody can touch them.
In Sarawak, Taib said: “I am the government.”
For any Sate election, PKR must realize that it is fighting not the politicians or political parties of the Barisan Nasional alone, but the entire government machinery – the State civil service, KEMAS (community development department), MIS (Malaysian Information Service), RTM, the council staff, teachers and community leaders.
The might of BN machinery.
Logistically, the Barisan Nasional has superior assorts of political weapons such as the use of helicopters to fly ministers to campaign in any remote area unreachable by any other means. Several helicopters were used in this by-election.
For the Barisan, money was not a problem. In this by-election alone, it spent several millions of ringgit on travelling, lodging and accommodation expenses, not to mention the instant “noodle” projects that they promised the voters and money allegedly used to buy votes of between RM500 and RM1,000 per vote.
Compared with PKR, how could it match the machinery and the organizational skills of the Barisan Nasional? Just impossible, but then the local PKR, unlike the recent by-election, must organise itself with the limited funds available.
PKR must get organised NOW!
Thus, if PKR is seriously thinking of the next state election, it must begin its planning now, start to identify potential candidates and should look for funds. To unseat this state government, at least a sum of RM500,000 for each of 71 State constituencies is required, otherwise PKR should forget about contesting in Sarawak, let alone trying to change the State government.
Rhetoric alone cannot help. Money is the name of the game.Batang Ai – a litmus test for PKRAs mentioned previously, the Batang Ai is a major test for PKR in the Iban-dominated constituency. Winning here would mean the people and PKR are ready to change the government and losing would spell disaster.
Although Ng said that the loss will not dampen the PKR fighting spirit, there are others who feel that the defeat here will have some impact on the next election.Ng said: “We have in fact learnt one or two things from the campaign and this experience will be useful for future elections.” Certainly PKR has a lot to learn.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Blackout Good Friday Night

I was all set to watch last night Blog@1 but was dashed by blackout from 9.30pm until 3.30am. I was not able to sleep as its was humid. This is normal life of us in Inanam, Kampung Kionsom in particular. Almost every other day/night, we were/are deprive of electricity. I agreed fully that in Sabah, we never need to join Earth Hour campaign.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sabah Unmo Youth leader head arrested by MACC?

Sabah Umno Youth Datuk Japlin Akim and an UPKO member had been arrested by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), a source told Daily Express in Kota Kinabalu today.
Japlin, who is Usukan assemblyman and Sabah Infrastructure Development Assistant Minister the other leader were said to have been picked up from their respected houses by MACC officers from Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur..
They were subsequently brought to court and were remanded for three days to facilitate investigations.
A journalist of the local newspaper contacted Sabah MACC director Haji Jalil Jaffar but was told that he was not aware of details about the arrest of the duo as it was carried out by MACC officials from Puterajaya.
The youth leader was among the Umno members found guilty on March 17, 2009 of political corruption by the Umno Disciplinary Board headed by Tengku Rithaudeen Tengku Ismail and was suspended from Umno for three years.
Eventhough suspended from Umno, Sabah Chief Minister and State Umno chief Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman had said that Japlin could keep his seat as well as his Assistant Minister post.

No more an `office boy'....

After Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's announcement of the country new Federal Cabinet this afternoon, Mapu, a friend of mine commented,"At last he is no longer an office boy in the Prime Minister's Department."

When I asked him to explain, Mapu said," The people of Sabah, particularly the Penampang constituents are now happy, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok is now no longer an `office boy' in the Prime Minister's Department."
He said Dompok now a Minister with a portfolio as until today he was only a Minister in the Prime Minister's Department. In the new Cabinet line-up, the UPKO president is Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister.
Dompok is among the four MPs from Sabah made full ministers.

Datuk Anifah Aman (Umno-Kimanis), who declined a Deputy Minister's post after the March 8, 2008 general elections, is now Foreign Minister. Newly elected Umno Vice President Datuk Shafie Apdal (Umno-Semporna) is Rural and Regional Development Minister while Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili (PBS-Kota Marudu) stay as Science, Technology and Innovation Minister.

Newly elected Umno Puteri head Datuk Rosnah Rashid Shirlin (Umno-Papar) is among the five MPs from Sabah made Deputy Ministers. Rosnah is Health Deputy Minister. The three others were Deputy Ministers in the previous Cabinet but had been moved to new ministries.

Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, who is Pensiangan MP and president of Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) is now Natural Resources and Environment Deputy Minister. Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) president Datuk Liew Vui Keong is Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department while Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri (Umno-Kudat) is Transport Deputy Minister. Datuk Lajim Ukin (Umno-Beaufort) is now Housing and Local Government Deputy Minister.

Sabah's High Hope

The people of Sabah hopes that the new Federal Cabinet to be announced by new Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak this afternoon will bring joys to this Land Below the Wind. High hope on more full Ministers appointment. It will also be the same `waiting' for the people of Sarawak.
It must be kept in mind that without Barisan Nasional's almost clean sweep of the Parliamentary seats in Sabah and Sarawak during the March 8, 2008 general elections, the national coalition would not be the Federal Government now.
So Sabah and Sarawak now hope the Prime Minister, who had once said `Sabah and Sarawak are Barisan Nasional Fixed Deposit' will reflect the big wins in the general election in his Cabinet.
Najib is schedule to unveil his Cabinet at 3pm in Kuala Lumpur.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


A Sabahan has urged Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to also lift the ban on the use of `Allah' as part of his commitment towards uniting the nation as professed by him in his newly-launched `1Malaysia' concept.
Ronnie Klassen, the initiator of the signature campaign appealing to the government against the ban on the use of the word `Allah' by non-Muslims in the country.
He said the Prime Minister's 1Malaysia concept is an inspiring in the sense that it is meant to promote unity which would mean no segregation or discrimination and fairness to all races in Malaysia.
"Being a former student of St John's Institution, I believe the Prime Minister could better understand what does religious harmony and respect for all human being means, " Klassen said in a statement released in Kota Kinabalu Tuesday.
Klassen also hoped that the Prime Minister used his wisdom to seriously consider the appeal of Christians in this country to lift the ban on the use of the word `Allah' in all Christian publication and literatures.
Klassen said together with Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, they would hoped to hand over the the Prime Minister next week the signatures collected during their campaign together with a memorandum of appeal.
He said so far they had collected 14,000 signatures and had until April 12 before closing down the campaign book.
He said that the campaign had garnered supports from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, China, India, Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States of America. He thanked all those who supported the campaign, especially those from non-Christians.
"Our heartfelt, special thanks to our Muslim brothers and sisters who supported this campaign which is undeniably a major morale booster to us," Klassen said. He also thanked Rev Fr Lawrence Andres, editor of The Herald, for his support and guidance throughout the campaign.
Klassen said a special `thank you' to the media for their support in the campaign.

Burning of Sabah Flags Serious

Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman said the burning of the State's flag in Lahad Datu on Saturday by a group of 12 whose leader claimed to be a descendant of the Sultan of Sulu was a very serious matter that could create public unrest.
Musa, who is Sabah State Security Council's chairman, said he called on the police to probe deeper into the incident.
The 12, who also claimed to be holder of MyKad (which indicated that they are Malaysian citizens), were arrested when they tried to enter the Lahad Datu district police's headquarters by force after burning the flags in tweo location in the Lahad Datu town at 8.40am.
Lahad Datu district police chief ACP Mohd Suhaimi Abdul Rahman said the 12 were being detained for investigation under Section 143 of the Penal Code for involving in unlawful assembly.
Meanwhile, Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) deputy president and Member of Parliament for Sepanggar Datuk Eric Majimbun questioned why the 12 were only held for unlawful assembly.
He said the 12 should be severely dealt with a more deterrent offence considering they burnt Sabah flags and not just dirty shirt. He said that if they were really citizens, they should be stripped of their citizenship.
Another SAPP's MP Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui (Tawau) said the burning of the flags was an act of defiance against Malaysia.
"They all have MyKads and this makes it even worse as they are claiming to be representing another country," she said. She called on the Home Affairs Ministry to thoroughly investigate the matter.
In another development, SAPP in a statement, disclosed that Majimbun and Chua would move emergency motion in Parliament to compel the Federal Government to make sure the Philippines drop its so-called claim on Sabah.
SAPP members of the State Legislative Assembly Datuk Liew Teck Chan (Likas) and Melanie Chia (Luyang) will also be tabling similar motion what the Sabah Legislative Assembly begin its sitting on April 16.
Malaysians in Sabah were concerned when a foreign news agency reported last year that Philippines President Gloria Arroyo Macapagal has never made any stand on whether to recognise former president,Ferdinand Marcos, statement that Manila had dropped Philippines claim on Sabah.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Federal Cabinet - April 9, 2009

The full list of Cabinet ministers announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in Kuala Lumpur on April 9, 2009.

PRIME MINISTER:Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER:Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin
1. Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon (Unity and Performance Management)
2. Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz (Legal and Parliamentary Affairs)
3. Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop (Economic Planning Unit)
4. Mej-Jen (B) Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom (Islamic Religious Affairs)

1. Datuk Liew Vui Keong
2. Datuk Dr Mashitah Ibrahim
3. Datuk S. K. Devamany4. Ahmad Maslan
5. T. Murugiah

FINANCE MINISTER:Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

SECOND FINANCE MINISTER:Datuk Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah
1. Datuk Chor Chee Heung
2. Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin

EDUCATION MINISTER:Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin
1. Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong
2. Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi

1. Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri
2. Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew

1. Datuk Hamzah Zainudin

HOME MINISTER:Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein
1. Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop
2. Jelaing anak Mersat

1. Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum
2. Senator Heng Seai Kie

DEPUTY:Noriah Kasnon

1. Datuk Hassan Malek
2. Datuk Joseph Entulu anak Belaun

1. Datuk Dr Hou Kok Chung
2. Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah

1. Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir
2. Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan

DEPUTY:Fadillah Yusof

DEPUTY:Tan Sri Joseph Kurup

DEPUTY:Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib

1. Datuk Johari Baharum
2. Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim

DEFENCE MINISTER:Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
DEPUTY:Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad

WORKS MINISTER:Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor
DEPUTY:Datuk Yong Khoon Seng

HEALTH MINISTER:Datuk Liow Tiong Lai
Deputy:Datuk Rosnah Rashid Shirlin

1. Datuk Razali Ibrahim
2. Wee Jeck Seng

DEPUTY:Datuk Maznah Mazlan

DEPUTY:Datuk Tan Lian Hoe

DEPUTY:Datuk Lajim Ukin

DEPUTY:Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun

DEPUTY:1. A.Kohilan Pillay2
. Datuk Lee Chee Leong
FEDERAL TERRITORIES MINISTER:Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin
DEPUTY:Datuk M. Saravanan-- BERNAMA

SAPP: Kurup where are you?

Sabah Progressive Party ( SAPP ) President Datuk Yong Teck Lee said Pensiangan Member of Parliament Tan Sri Joseph Kurup is nowhere to be seen following the Federal Court's declaration that the latter could keep his Pensiangan parliamentary seat.
He said this as in sharp contrast to the period before the court decision when Kurup and Barisan Nasional were busy distributing outboard engines, cylinder tanks and water tanks, etc, to the people.
"It is very clear that Kurup was favoured by the court and not the people to be the MP and Deputy Minister of Rural and Regional Development," the former Chief Minister told a gathering in Pensiangan recently.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

OCPD: Lahad Datu Under Control

Lahad Datu town in under control, says the district police chief Supt Mohd Suhaimi Abd Rahman today. He said there was no truth in the rumours spreading that foreign elements were out to take control of the town in the East Coast of Sabah.
Supt Mohd Suhaimi was commenting on the incident in the town yesterday where a group of 12 unknown people headed by a man who claimed to be a descendant of the Sultan of Sulu staged illegal assemblies at the Lahad Datu old harbour and another near the central market.
In the 8.40am incident, the group aged between 14 and 41 years burnt several Sabah's Flag. When the police, some 80 of them from the General Operation Force and Police Anti-Riot Unit, arrived the group proceeded to the Lahad Datu Police station where they tried to enter by force.
However, all 12 were arrested and are now being detained for further investigation for organising illegal assemblies, an offence under Section 143 of the Penal Code.
Supt Mohd Suhaimi called on the public not to panic or listen to rumours as the situation in the district was under control.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Wi-Fi now available

My Internet connection has now been up-graded with a high performance networking, a wireless modem router. With this new modem Wi-Fi will be available within 300 metres from my house at anytime of the day/night.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Out again!!!!!

In a time of three by-elections around the corner, I am again cut off from the outside world. Earth Hour, lightning and thunder caused by modem to blow. I am unable to surf and is now connecting internet via my N73.

Connected alright but slow. I will have to get a new modem. My apology to my regular visitors.