Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A Widow in Need Of Assistance?

As an example in connection with of my earlier posting, reproduced below is one of the example of many letters I received in my emails seeking assistance. The letter is dated Jan 4, 2008

Dearest One,

With due respect and humility.I write this letter to you which I believe would be of a great interest to you.But before I proceed, I must be grateful to introduce myself.I am Mrs Gloria Lulu.A widow to late GEN Eddy Lulu, My late husband was former second in command in Sierra Leone Government.My late husband was in charge of purchasing arms and ammunitions for the rebel group because of his vast connections in abroad.

My late husband deposited a trunk box containing 19.8 million U.S Dollars with security Company for save keeping.Now our Government wanted to seize all that belong to me and my family since the death of my husband and they have put me under bondage and close monitor till they accomplish their desires. I want you to assist me to receive this money deposited with one privat security firm to your bank account before it will starched away from me by unknow person in the government.
Since your country is one of the good investor friendly nations in the world, I have decided to seek your assistance to transfer this funds to your bank account in your country and run business over there, for the mutual benefit of both of us and my entire family.I would therefore like you to help me in every possible way in securing this funds in your country.
Kindly contact me through my personal mail address for more information, ( for security reason in which you will be informed and get update about the current arrangement i have made so far on how to transfer the fund.
Be assured that you stand no risk of any kind as the fund belongs to me and my only son,I will give you supportive evidence to act on my behalf. I promise to compensate you adequately with 20% of the whole total money.I will give you more details when i hear from you.

Please try and negotiate for me some profitable blue chip investment opportunities
which is risk free which I can invest this money when it is transferred to your bank account,personally I am interested in estate management or a factory of Daily use items, such as Essential Comoduties for Export to other countries, please advice me.Thanks and God bless you.

Best Regards,
Mrs Gloria Lulu.

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