Thursday, 17 January 2008

All 60 seats says Bersekutu

Sabah-based opposition Parti Berisan Rakyat Sabah (Bersekutu) had decided to contest in all the 60 State seats in Sabah in the general elections.

President Berman Langkap said initially the party had wanted to cooperate with other opposition party on the aspect of seats allocation for each party to contest but the discussion held last Saturday changed that all.

He said a Kuala Lumpur-based opposition party ridiculed Bersekutu hence the decision to go alone in the election.

Berman said the Election Commission is scheduled to give an election briefing to Bersekutu on Sunday. All party's leaders will be attending.

Bersekutu's advisor is Datuk Haji Mohd Noor Mansoor, a former Finance Minister during the Datuk Harris Salleh's led Party Berjaya Government.

My Say:

Incidentally Datuk Harris Salleh was head of Bersekutu when it contested all the State seats in the 2004 election. All candidates lost, majority lost their election deposits too.

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