Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Beware Bogus China Land Deals

People never learned from past incidences of land deal scams. Despite of police repeated reminders to ignore deals over the Internets as well as unsolicited telephone calls, gullible people still got conned.

Just a while ago, I received a call from a friend of mine in Keningau asking me whether I knew about `China Land Deal'. He said there are people, some of them locals in Keningau soliciting members to participate in these so-called multi-million US$ deal.

The modus operandi: A businessman in China have millions US$ in a bank but was unable to withdraw it due to certain restriction by its government. So this man sought assistance from people in Malaysia to look for large land to develop/invest so as to enable him to take out the money.

A participant need to supply to the organisers of the plan here photostat copy of land titles, identity cards and are instructed to open account with bank. They are told the rest will be done by the organisers.

My friend told me that he was one of those approached and was told that should he participated, would easily get commission not less than RM1 million for assisting the China man.

My Say:

I told him that these kind of `deals' came in the dozens unsolictited to my emails everyday purportedly from widows, investors and also telling me that I had won millions of US$ lottery in US and UK. I told this friend to ignore the deal and also report the matter to the police.

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Orang Dusun said...

I found these people extremely disturbing, they are supposed to meet the landowners on Saturday 26 Jan at 3pm at one of the cafes in Asiacity KK. I hope the Police will take action.
Can someone inform the Police?