Friday, 11 January 2008

Proxies get the rap

An Umno youth leader of the Kinabatangan Division Azman Mastar revealed that some owners of entertainment outlets in Sabah, who are from Peninsula Malaysia and Sarawak, nominated proxies to manage their business in the State.

This is to evade prosecution when the authorities caught the outlets carrying out illegal activities, amongst others, employing illegally foreign women as guest relations officer (GRO) and as front for prostitution.

The proxies are the owners' driver who double up as the bosses in the outlets while the owners work as supervisors or managers. The proxies will be hauled up by the authorities to face the consequences of being fined hefty sum or go to jail while the owners goes unpunished.

In a related-development, a housemother of Bukit Harapan, a charity home in Kota Kinabalu, Mama Anne had also exposed that foreign women were being smuggled into Sabah by vice syndicates under the guise of visitors to avoid detection by the authorities.

These women are placed in private home and the syndicates solicit clients on `on call' basis. Hotels are said to be the popular `drop-points' for these women to meet their clients.

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