Monday, 20 August 2007

YB Ghapur settles for RM40,000+RM30,000

The defamation suits brought by Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh against New Straits Times and the Star did not go into trial. A brief appearance in the High Court before Judge Datuk Ian Chin by Ghapur Salleh's counsel Ansari Abdullah and counsels Datuk Simon Shim for NST and Wilson Chang for the Star settled the case.

NST agreed to make a clarification and to pay Ghapur RM40,000 while the Star will be paying him RM30,000. The NST in its article mentioned Ghapur hence the higher payment of damages. The State only referred to him as a former Deputy Chief Minister and Umno divisional leader.

In the suit Ghapur sued the newspapers each for RM10 million damages.

My Say:

I arrived at the High Court 1 about 9.30am only to be told by the NST lawyers that the case was over. Defamation is now cheap. One can ask for RM10 million and will settle for only RM10,000.


Ruben Sario said...

Tobpinai, what ever the outcome, the lawyers make the bucks (or ringgit as it were)


its a good experience... brief tho it might be
would hv been interesting if it ran the full trial
still, at least u hv one less to worry...

JBingkasan said...


Thanks. I had filed several articles for NST which had been the subjects of several suits in the High Court. Actually I went to the court for Ghapur's case fully prepared, only to be told that the case had been settled. Sound well but I was actully prepared for another case and not this one. I could not imagine the situation should the case went into trial. Thanks God, I was told all of the other cases had been settled. No more worry but maybe time to create more worries.


create more worries...
ha ha ha
life and its intrigue
keep on bro
keep on

binulang said...

Create more worries .... yes .... Socrates said, "an unexamined life is not worth living!" --Leslie

JBingkasan said...

Bro & Boy

Yes worries will keep me (I do not know of others) alert at all times. One who has no worry lives an empty life.

One of my worry - my six numbers is never out complete.

Anonymous said...

*Ponders* Amazing isnt it that when you are sought, your former employers' solicitors are able to locate you. Didnt they realise prior to court date that the matter would be disposed with a mere out of court settlement. And if so, why were you not informed. Members of your Malaysian Bar never ceases to amaze me with their level of professionalism and courtesy.