Monday, 13 August 2007

Chong says count him in

Veteran politician Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat, who resigned as president of his party Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in September last year and subsequently on April 12, this year quit as Deputy Chief Minister, will still be around, politically, come the general elections.

Lawyer Chong, also Sabah's 12th Chief Minister, had announced yesterday that he would be defending his Tanjung Kapur State seat in the coming elections, the seat he won in March 1999. He had actually first won the seat then known as Kudat in 1976 under Parti Berjaya ticket and was the then Chief Minister Datuk Harris Mohd Salleh's Assistant Minister.

Announcing his decision to contest again in the coming election, he told delegates of his LDP Tanjung Kapur division:

"Remember, I never said I would quit politics. I have never quit, politically speaking. Although I relinquished the post of LPD president, I am still the party's divisional chief in Kudat."

"I have a lot more things to accomplish, at least in Kudat."

My Say:

Chong is the second Parti Berjaya-born politician to openly declare defending thier seats in the coming election. Earlier this month, his former collegue in Parti Berjaya Datuk Seri Joseph Pairin Kitingan also announced that he will be defending his Tambunan State seat.

Like Chong, Pairin was also a former Chief Minister and is still one of Sabah's three Deputy Chief Ministers.

The general elections must be just around the corner now.

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