Friday, 17 August 2007

Another Ongkili joins the fray

Dr James Jr Ongkili, 47, and seven of his family's members today joins Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) through the party's Kiulu Division. Dr James Jr is the second son of former Sabah Deputy Chief Minister, ex-Federal Minister of Justice, ex-Minister in the Prime Minister's Department (late) Datuk Dr James P Ongkili and Datin Margaret Godomon. Dr James Jr opted to join PBS through Kiulu Division as his mother is from and is still living in Kiulu.

PBS is headed by his grandfather Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan while one of the Deputy President, Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili, is Dr James Jr's uncle.Dr Maximus is the late Datuk Dr James' younger brother.

My Say:

Political blood run in this family and I will not be surprise the junior Ongkili will be followed by others in the family to join the political fray. My only hope is that this Ongkili and Kitingan families would not make Sabah politics `a political family tree.'


Rakan Wartawan said...

Well, this Junior Ongkili may vie to stand in his home kampung ie Kiulu in coming election, and this certainly will dissappoint some of the present journalists!

V M Koding said...


ER GODOMON said...

My father , Patrick Godomon was standing for election in Kiulu last time . I am his daughter.23 by age . Taking legal practice in University Of London . I believe one day I will be coming back to Kiulu / Tamparuli to join politic and stand for election .

Anonymous said...

i'm working in kl since long time ago. I grown up as a kampung boy from james ongkili's MP zone (Kota Marudu). I am proud of him (James), not bcoz his family's political blood stream but standing up for sabahan, like the latest IC case. He is also loyal to his party during thick & thin.
None any rational malaysians will accept those who practice party hopping for his own agenda.

my 80 yrs grandmother is a sino-dusun but still holding RED IC. During my marriage registration, NRD told me that I have had married once, with a kid somemore!!! I believe this is just a tip of iceberg. There are many more this kind of cases. But how many sabahan politicians stand up to protect our land, our right, fight rampant power abuse ? So far, our imprression of politicians is only driving big cars, staying in big houses, having big investment here and there....from where all those money, I leave it to your imagination.

any profession is good, as long as we do our job in a clean and accountable way. Be responsible to our people and country. If we do not help our fellow country men, who else ?!