Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Day one of going 53

My Say:

I woke up this morning (7.8.07) as (maybe) how I was born to Primus Gulabok Bingkasan and Theresa Siara Lontou on 7.8.55. The morning sunlight, as I had yesterday anticipated, was great, welcoming another day to add to my 52 years (52 years + 1 day) in this world. The party on Sunday, courtesy of my friends, especially Lt Pan Shu Khiong who grouped the others for the night, was one that I will cherished for life. Now I recalled by friends in Kuching, while I was New Straits Times News Editor for Sabah and Sarawak, organised one for me and that was also as great.

As today is my actual day being brought into this world, my thought is with my mother who is no longer with us. She passed away on Feb 26, 2003 leaving me, our father and my sisters Silia, Juvita and Julita and brothers Albert and Vitalis and our respective offspring. As in life, in death my mother will always be near to me, as she rest forever just 200 metres from my house, down a beautiful hill, the Bingkasan's family cemetery.

Of death, my heart is with the family of the late Luncing Gadati who passed away on Saturday and was buried Sunday at the Kionsom Cemetery, a hill overlooking my house. My heart will also go to his wife, Mudia, she lost her husband on Friday, her son Fred (not even 40 years old) who was at Luncing's (his step-father) funeral on Sunday afternoon, passed away the same night and to be buried this afternoon.

Note: It may sound that my house is surrounded with cemeteries but in actual fact, the Kionsom and my family cemeteries are well shaded by jungles and the graves) are not visible from where I am staying.

These deaths remind me that life is so fragile. I am blessed to have celebrated my 52 years and with the blessing of the almighty, I want to celebrate my 53rd and counting the day from today - Day One.

Thank you very much indeed to all.

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