Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Come 62 and still working?

Singapore will introduce a new law from 2012 making it mandatory for employers to offer re-employment to workers beyond their retirement age of 62. First offer to work until 65 then later will pushed up to 67.

My Say:

When the Malaysian Government offered its employees option to retire upon reaching 56 years old, not all accepted and I know for a fact that there are a lot in my area who had retired at 55. Retiring at 62 and re-employed? In my village, those in this age group still walking tall are less then my fingers. For one, I am thankful that I am now 52 and can not imagine how I look like put another 10 years on my age.


jaxon s said...

sometimes it's a case of people wanting to retire but couldn't because they still need to earn so that they can continue to pay for their daily needs, which is not cheap.

even at a frail old age, one still need to be employed. it's like in our kampung la, still need to work in the kebun but at least in our kampung, the kebun is on one's own land.

not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing..

JBingkasan said...

the price of kepingan now is high compared to years ago. it went up to RM5.20 but today it down RM3.90 per kilo. at these price region, in the kampung, no one will retire until dropping motionless. that the work spirit of Sabah's momogun.