Saturday, 28 March 2009

Kadazan/Dusun in Umno

Since Malaysia government's backbone United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) spread its wing to Sabah, non-Muslim natives of this Land Below the Wind had been accepted as members of the party.

In the recent UMNO general assembly, Kadazan/Dusun delegates from Sabah were in their traditional costume, complete with their traditional headgear `Sigah'. The delegates from Penampang Division was led by its head Datuk John Ambrose.


SJD said...

... and when the UMNO delegates shout "Hidup Melayu", they would likewise follow and shout the same - for the Melayu to progress. They forgot to shout for the progress of their own "Tinauu". Sad case to ponder.

Fido Dido said...

sad indeed. vice president shafie apdal, puteri head rosnah sirlin, supreme council musa aman, bung mokhtar and lajim. no kadazandusun in sight. don't they realize it by now?