Thursday, 26 March 2009

I like this cartoon


AngeL BeaR said...

hhaahahahhaaa~ this is so true!

Anonymous said...

Politicians are elected leaders of the society or a country. We find hardly any politician today following the principles of Truth. If there is a stray politician who wishes to be truthful, the majority will soon reject him. Is there any one who is not a victim of lust, greed or name and fame? How can a man serve under any one of these gates to hell as referred to by the Gita and all other religions?

Most grow extremely rich during their tenure. Corruption, deception and lies are openly known, but little is done or can be done by the ignorant masses who support the system. They replace one bad system by another, and therefore, find no difference in the state of the country. Who is prepared to sacrifice his life for others? When Lincoln so nobly spoke of a government of the people, by the people and for the people, he truly prescribed the creed, but it remains only in philosophy today. How can a lustful, greedy man who cares for wealth, pleasures and name and fame sacrifice for others? Rather, he sacrifices others.

Politics without principles is truly a sin that is openly acceptable under the burden of the system. Instead of man ruling the system or society, they rule him. Yet, we find many justifications and excuses to continue with the same old system. Can our "progress" do something about solving this menace remains to be answered. Spirituality can certainly help us resolve this problem, but unfortunately, it is divorced from everyday dealings. Religions and rituals have taken over to propagate "not rocking the boat."

When Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus and other prophets tried to rock the boat, they were openly despised in their times. Yet, they alone have pointed out a way to solve all our problems -- only if we listen to them and follow them, only if we can sacrifice ourselves for our own ultimate good and the good of all. Politics can be a clean, noble and respectable profession, and it should be. Politicians have great responsibilities, not only to their electorate, but to their own conscience. That Infinite Power, though tolerant, will demand justice sooner or later from each one of us. Let us hope that vanity may not rule our hearts, rather true love may shine through every creature as this is our real nature.

Love is God and god or love is ingrained in all of us Eternally. Without true love we are no different than other creatures. Man alone is endowed with this awareness that he can be Godlike and no branch of our life should be devoid of love of God, not withstanding politics, which provides the maximum opportunity for selfless service.
--Swami Radhanandaji

...pasted here by,
King Cup...the loveable farmer!