Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Money politics

Two leaders of the Kota Kinabalu Umno Division were detained by Sabah Anti-Corruption Agency for investigation into money politics during the on-going party's elections.

A member of the division alerted me this in a SMS last night.

Several members of the division are scheduled to call for a Press conference at Restoran Sempalang, Sembulan near Kota Kinabalu today to expose about money politics in the division.

Head of the Umno Jalan Tangki Karamunsing Branch Dr Datu Akjan Datu Ali Mohammad confirmed during the Press conference that two top leaders of the Kota Kinabalu Division were detained by ACA on Monday for involvment in money politics.

Datu Akjan claimed that the leaders allegedly give money between RM200 and RM1,000 to members as 'gift' and to arrange for the election of members from the two leaders'camp

He called on the party's leaders to take action against the two division leaders arrestd by ACA. Datu Akjan said the two leaders should be suspended from the party with immediate effect.

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