Friday, 8 August 2008

I forget!!!

Age must be catching me up fast. I did not remember that Aug 7th was my birthday. By that date in 2009, I will be 54 years old. I had no inkling of this day until my children SMS to me wishing `Happy Birthday, Daddy.'

Having attained this far make me more determined to stay `awake' as long as permitted by the Almighty, and of course I will continue on blogging. By the way, when I reached home 10pm last night, I had two half boil eggs before going to bed.

On my birthday last year, my wife. children and friends gave me a `big' party at my house in Kampung Kionsom, Inanam. No regret not having a party this year, like others, I am too, affected by the high costs of living nowadays.



Big bro
happy belated birthday
i see if i can make myself free
on sunday
am still in kl
new job keeping me rather busy
will fly home tmrw nite
God bless u, many happy returns
Happy birthday

Anonymous said...

...tho a bit late...but anyway happy botdei Joe! Actually I was somewhere in Penampang yesterday.....especially went there to say "Happy Birthday" to someone very special who was also born on the &th of August!

Number 7 is a very lucky number......and I was born on a 7th too!

Once again "Happy Birthday"!

King Cup
Gunung Kinabalu

HHunter said...

Yes, you FORGOT!

Ahmad A Talib said...

Of course you must continue blogging! Apa, you ingat sudah tua ka bah! Ada orang past 80 pun blogging!

Enjoy your beer brother...!


JBingkasan said...

Bro Albert,
You're welcome but Sunday
I will be away from the house.

King Cup,
Belated Happy Birthday to you too!

I did no remember lah!

Datuk Ahmad,
Ada padi
Ada batas
Ada budi
Ada balas

To all of you Thank You Very Much Indeed.